I Like Birds But. ..

UPDATE – June 13, 2018 – I know this one is rather pathetic and should have been deleted long ago. I only keep it for sentimental reasons. It was my first posting. Thanks for looking it over.



Went out foraging today.  Hot and humid it was, with highbush cranberries everwhere !  However, I’m afraid the elderberries are pretty-much done.  Assuming they’d ripened and fallen, I started backing out of the patch when something caught my eye.  I’d never been that close to a bohemian waxwing before.  It held it’s ground (well, it’s twig) and just glared at me.  It was kinda like an eastern european model in that they’re lovely creatures, ’til you piss ’em off eh ?  I figured I could take him in about 3 rounds until I noticed he’d brought company.  Realizing it was a gang situation, I reteated with future intent, but you know how that goes on the backroads. I still had the last laugh as I’ve got enough elderberries for both jam and wine already.


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