Strange Things I’ve Seen – Three Winged Maple Keys

Technically called “samaras”, we’re all familiar with the two winged type of “whirlygigs, helicopters, tree twirlers” and the many other names from our childhoods. I recall breaking two fresh green seeds apart, peeling open the end of one, extracting the seed, and sticking the wingblade on my nose. That was just last Summer… I’m such a child.

It was while reading about maple seed edibility (of course I’m gonna try it, why would you even … ?) when I remembered the samples we had. The only reference to a three winged samara I could find online was on a Central American tree, but the three keys aren’t attached together at the base.

So we had to assume these were freaks of nature. We’ve had them for so long, neither of us can remember where we found them. The wife and I are always on the lookout for natural World oddities or rarely seen things. We have an area in our rec. room where we display them, and that’s where we keep these :

Keep your eyes open out there. Ya never know what you might see.



  1. Awesome! I’ll keep my eyes open.


    1. Yes there are alot of strange things to be seen out there. You just gotta look to see them. As always, good to hear from you Ruth Anne.


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