Strange Things I Have Seen – The Orono Cow Tree

Back in Nov 2016, I poked a bit of fun at Orono for its (rapidly becoming famous) leaning water tower. Since then I’ve enjoyed Orono ’s Crown Lands walking trails,  Orono’s bake shop, antique shops, the in-town Sydney Rutherford trail and it’s walkway under the bridge with the water baffles and the  beautiful graffiti.

But you know, from all that to the antique oil lamp I got from Orono, and the leaning tower, to the fun in calling Orono … Porono, I didn’t expect to find anything more in Orono to fascinate me until I saw the Cowtree. While on the Sydney Rutherford trail, we took it up the hill from the bridge over the stream, and found a short return trail at the top of the hill. I didn’t notice on the way in, but on the return, a piece of tree fungus caught my eye.

And, I haven’t even been to the Orono Exotic Cat World (now called the Jungle Cat World) yet ! Is there no end to the delights of this wonderful little town ?


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