Strange Things I’ve Seen – The Brechin Sauropod (Yeah that’s a Dinosaur)

For many years, the wife and I have travelled back and forth from Gravenhurst, Ontario to visit my Mom. There are only so many different routes one can take, to break the monotony of passing the same old landmarks. Sure, things change from trip to trip. We watched some frickin’ mansion on a hill being built from the ground up. That big red barn with the solar panels was quite a surprise when someone painted it sky blue a few years back. Traffic lights appeared where stop signs had sufficed for years. The Sparling Propane sign we pass, always has a mildly amusing little quip on it. Though one of my favourite sights was the night we passed through Cannington just after dusk.

As we approached town, we took note of a (fortunately well lit) battery powered wheelchair. Then, there was another … and another ! There were battery powered wheelchairs bounding along the sidewalks on both sides, going in both directions ! They trundled across the road in front and behind us ! Everywhere we looked, a battery powered wheelchair was rolling by. I haven’t seen that many wheelchairs since senior’s day at the Swiss Chalet ! We’ve cruised through Cannington since, but never saw a repeat performance.

However, the strangest sight we’ve encountered is one we’ve become so accustomed to, that it never occurred to me (until our last trip) that it could be a “strange thing I have seen”.

Just 6.2 kms South of the Brechin traffic lights (the only lights in Brechin) on Hwy #12, if you look to the East, you’ll see this :


The one below will give you an idea of the size by comparison to the buildings right behind it.   Yeah, it’s near two storeys tall.

UPDATE  – June 23 2018 – Just returned from a trip to my Mom’s and I thought I’d better point out that the dinosaur is easiest to see when approaching from the South.


Someday, I’m gonna search around and find out whose property that is, and ask about the dinosaur. Until then, we’ll just keep driving past it until we no longer have reason to do so.



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