Strange Things I Have Seen – A Railroad Crosswalk to Nowhere

The wife and I were returning Home from a walk about the Wilmot Creek Nature Area. What with the 401 being so uninteresting, we tend to take Lakeshore Rd. Home. Seems there’s always something unusual to see when we take alternate routes at this time of year.

But this time, the unusual sight wasn’t botanical, ornithological, nor entymological, it was “strange”ological. Now exactly the point of this … is outside of my realm. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and I really can’t imagine why it’s there. It is definitely a pedestrian crossing over a set of railway tracks, going nowhere.


The satellite view shows no destination beyond the tracks other than some fields. Initially,I thought maybe it was for farm equipment to get to those fields. However, there are five other “paths” over the tracks along that stretch of road with no pedestrian crossing signs, and three of those lead to homes on the lake.

Another strange thing about this one.

railway crossing to nowhere 1

Try Googling “Broken Front Ratepayers Assn.” and you’ll get a bunch of historical documents from the early 20th century. Staying off the 401 can be both interesting and (if anyone can explain this), educational.


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