The Laneway Strolls, Port Hope Ont.

Port Hope Laneways

From the dictionary, a laneway or lane is described “as a narrow way or passage between walls, hedges or fences”.

These lanes were created between two town streets and were used for access to the back yards between the town streets. From the Lanes you get a great view of the land owners lawn and gardens on both sides that you would never see otherwise. Check out barns and sheds from a bygone era when the horse and buggy were the norm. You cannot possibly miss the ‘wall of long-play LP’s’ on the Julia St. to Victoria St. Walk.


Any of these lanes can be used for a scenic easy walk, one at a time, or loop them together for an hour or so more enjoyment.

Some of Port Hope’s best known and most scenic lanes are found at the top of the main street hill (Hwy #2) in the area known as English Town. The lanes in this post are found between Bruton Street and Charles Street. Between Charles Street and Hwy. #2 and between Hwy. #2 and Sullivan Street.

The “Laneway Hikes” originated in the late 1980’s by the Ranger as a summer alternative to organized hikes on the Ganaraska Hiking Trail. These were shorter and easier walks to keep in shape without the hills, heat and mosquitoes of the hiking trail. The ‘summer hikers’ have enjoyed these walks for many years since.

The Julia Street to County Rd. #2 starts from Julia Street at the intersection of Bruton Street two blocks north of Ridout Street (Hwy #2) at the top of the main street hill.


Note: While at this intersection, a short walk east down Bruton St. (five houses) will bring you to the Port Hope Pioneer Presbyterian Cemetery (Circa 1827 -1873). This unusual historic cemetery is located into the south hillside of Bruton St, and is well worth a visit.

Head west here on Julia Lane, (at 28 Julia St.). You are unlikely to see a street sign, so follow the narrow one-lane road.  After crossing over Bramely Street North continue west to County Road #2 (Toronto Road).

The Julia Street to Victoria Street Walk can be accessed from this point by walking south on Hwy #2 to the intersection of Hwy. #2 and Victoria Street North. Look for this lane running east at Victoria St. and the Pita Express Shop. This un-named lane, runs east to west parallel to the Julia St. to Toronto Rd. Walk.


The Julia St. to Victoria St. Walk can also be accessed between #10 & 14 Julia Street, just north of Hwy. #2 close to where you started the Julia St. to Toronto Rd. Walk.

The Victoria Street to Little Hope Street Walk. Park at King’s Field located on Victoria Street South. Cross over Victoria Street South. Proceed east on Victoria Street (Lane) and continue two blocks to Little Hope Street. This lane is located at #9 Victoria St. just south of the Winchester Arms Pub. To make this walk a great loop, turn south at the Commons and follow Sullivan Street back to King’s Field.

Note: Little Hope Street was not named “as if its residents were doomed to Perdition”. It was named Little Hope Street to avoid confusion with Hope Street in the east end of town.

There are a few more of these great laneways in Port Hope. Watch for them in a future post.

Regards,   Ranger.

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  1. trisha k. · · Reply

    You guys and all your walks –what great reading. These are great ideas as you say, for hot days and when you can’t move fast, or go far. I always wonder if a dog is going to jump out at me ,so I don’t go alone.


  2. Hey trisha k., Thanks for the comment, enjoy hearing from our readers. Have never had any problems with dogs yet, quite often they do like to follow us.


  3. Barbara Bolton · · Reply

    This is great. Are you still out and about these days?


    1. Barbara, thanks for your comment. Yes, we are still out and about always on the look out for more stories we hope our readers will read and enjoy.


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