The TransCanada from Blairton Station (4th line) to Callaghan’s Rapids Trail Review

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The TransCanada from Blairton Station (4th line) to Callaghan’s Rapids Trail Review

This review is the Eastern continuation of my review from Blairton Station to Havelock found here :  Trans Canada (?) from Blairton Station to Havelock Trail Review. Blairton Station is on Belmont Township 4th Line off Hwy #7 between Medoc and Marmora. This link will open Google maps at Blairton station (BTW – there’s no station or anything, it’s just a place where the trail crosses the 4th Line) :

This review is of the trail going to the right (East) from the point on Google Maps.

Belmont Township Line 4 to Belmont Township Line 2 (3.0 kms one way)

This section will lead you past a wetland that is flooded by beaver activity EVERY time we try to walk it. It is pretty enough, but will likely be flooded, so you might wanna take some boots. Otherwise, the rest of the trail is a lovely walk through a forest with a clear understorey. The frog chorus in April was impressive. We saw cloven hoof tracks WAY TOO BIG for a white tailed deer (we’ve seen plenty of those) so it was likely a moose. They have been reported in this area over the last few years. I wouldn’t recommend this stretch for cyclists though, as the base was quite gravelly across the marsh.

Belmont Township Line 2 to Tiffen Rd. (4.5 kms one way)

We walked this stretch in early April and there were scads of butterflies and untold numbers of amphibians, all croaking simultaneously (the amphibians, not the butterflies). Lots of beaver activity too. This section of trail is basically through a massive wetland with a bit of forest on each end. There are a few crosstrails with private property signs and a coupla shacks to the sides, and a rarely seen rockcut on it. This section has two bends in the trail making it less monotonous (as rail trails can sometimes be).

Tiffen Rd. to Callaghan’s Rapids (2.0 kms one way)

Again, lots of wetland and a lot of beaver activity. More than on the rest of the trail, and it ends at Callaghan’s Rapids.  Callaghan’s is best seen in the late Summer and Fall since the water level is low. About 2/3rds the way to Callaghan’s you’ll see a very wide trail enter from the north. That’s just a trail to McCleary rd to Hwy #7. Nothing interesting to see on it. This segment of trail is quite straight but is short and rewards the walker with 2 bridges over the Crowe river. Callaghan’s Rapids can be explored as well (after the Spring flooding). We walked this section before the leaves were out, hence the more bleak appearance of the .gif below.

The Final Take

This stretch of trail is a nice blend of wetlands, canopied forest, and meadowland. It terminates at one of my favourite locations, Callaghan’s Rapids (it continues past Callaghan’s Rapids, but not very interestingly). Wildlife spotting opportunities abound. This was where we saw the most Southern moose tracks I’ve ever seen. It’s all rail trail so they’re wide enough for two to walk side by side and are level, easy walking. The wet spot on the Belmont #4 to Belmont #2 section seems to be perpetual, so you’ll need waterproof footwear (or wade across if the temperatures permit). There are no facilities of any kind, and no problem with dog walking. Only roadside parking is available.

Have a nice walk,


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