The Uxbridge Countryside Preserve Trail Review

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The Uxbridge Countryside Preserve Trail Review

Just when I thought we’d hit everything Uxbridge had to offer, we took a chance on a trail system way closer to town than I usually bother with. As (I suppose) is obvious, we enjoyed it enough to do a review. While the trails are named, there’s really just a main trail (the Bird @ 2.9 kms) around the outer perimeter with two cross – linking trails (the Frog and Butterfly both @ 1.1 kms) inside it. So I won’t bother reviewing them separately since they’re all linked together anyway. All totalled, you’ll have about six kms of walking here.

There is an access trail which comes in from Elgin Park Dr. about one km to the North, which becomes the Wooden Sticks Trail on the other side of Elgin Park. These are just residential street accesses with no parking. The best access for parking is behind the Wal-Mart off Toronto St. S. (Hwy #47). The link below will open Google Maps at the location :

The trails are very well maintained and with a few wooded stretches being the exception, are wide enough for two to walk side by side. We found differentiating the trails to be very difficult without a map in hand. However, there are twenty numbered trail posts with maps on them all over these trails. So, who cares what the trail’s name is ? Just walk from one numbered post to the next and choose the direction you wanna go. And you’ll wanna go in many directions. This preserve will lead you through a beautiful landscape of rolling meadows full of wildflowers, and a lookout with an overview of it all.

It has stands of deep mixed forest and a lovely big pond.

At trail post # 8 you’ll see a trail which heads South to the Durham Regional Forest’s Timbers Tract. This is a “Plantation Forest” where the trails are perfect geometric rectangles through a man – made forest with trees planted in perfectly straight rows … no thanks. I’d rather make another round of the Countryside Preserve.

The Final Take

This was an unexpectedly lovely set of trails. We don’t get to walk meadows very often, so it’s always a bit of a treat for me. The wooded sections provide a pleasant bit of shade. The trails are wide, well maintained and well marked. Interpretive signage is plentiful. There are streams, a coupla ponds, and a nice lookout. Credit to the many users (we visited on a gorgeous Sunday in August with lotsa cars in the parking area) for the cleanliness. We encountered numerous dog walkers but didn’t see a single bag of crap flung into the trees or left on the trail. No waste of any kind, anywhere.

The parking is ample (I mean, it’s behind a Walmart) and free. There are a few rest benches, but no other facilities, save a coupla picnic tables to the West of the parking area. You might hear a bit of traffic sound near the outer edges, but it’s negligible. There are a few spots where you’ll see a residence or two as well, but again, they’re rare and don’t detract from the experience. With all the wooded walks in the Uxbridge area, these mostly meadow trails are a refreshing change.

Have a nice walk,


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