Snowy Owl near Cobourg Ontario May 28 2018

The wife and I were returning from a coupla walks today. One was to see turtles, and the other to see beavers. We missed out on both counts, by the way. However, on Burnham St. North of Cobourg right where Telephone Rd intersects, I spotted something white on the top of a telephone pole right on Burnham. The sighting seemed to salve the wife’s disappointment from the lack of turtles and beaver.

I looked it up when I got Home and I don’t think anyone else has reported it yet. The Snowy was quite calm, almost disinterested in us as I snapped numerous pics and a video or two.

If any birders read our site, I thought you’d like to know.

Happy hunting,



  1. martha · · Reply

    Great find! My son has seen one far north east Scarborough.(Pickering border area). Quite thrilling.


    1. They’re such a stoic, majestic bird. My first sighting of one was back in 1968 at my family’s cottage North of North Bay. Their blank stare is so humbling.


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