Bald Eagles near Port Hope ?

I’m not a birder, and I don’t know any birders, so I’m hoping one or more of our readers can tell me if these are immature bald eagles. Last year, the Wife and I were walking The Good Doctor’s Trail when we spotted a HUGE bird gliding down the Ganaraska river (most of the Doctor’s trail is along the Ganny). I got one chance for a fast photo by sneaking quietly down the trail, while watching the trees on the bank.

We’ve seen many more since then. However, they’re either too far away or obscured by trees to get clear shots. Then, about two weeks ago, Ranger and I were cruising on Anderson road (off the 4th Line from Cty Rd #10), and saw two of these perched in a tree, and another one soaring above them :

We’ve seen them just about every time we drive down Anderson and/or Kellogg road over the last few weeks. They gotta be eagles ’cause we watched some crows harassing one perched in a tree, and it was easily 4 times the size of the crows. I just can’t determine if they’re immature Bald or Golden Eagles. I’d love to see a mature Bald one. The last one I saw was in Nova Scotia, about 40 years ago. Any help would be muchly appreciated.

UPDATE December 12 2020 – I just returned from Lakeshore Rd. near Port Hope and have confirmation. This was majestically perched on a tree just off Lakeshore on Willow Beach Rd :

Now that’s a Bald Eagle.





  1. Peter E Dahl · · Reply

    We spend several months on the west coast each year, where bald eagles are common as robins around our place in the gulf islands. And I’ve seen mature bald eagles around our place at Dahl Forest in Haliburton County, which isn’t that far away. Eagles like to be around water, they’re fish eaters, although they’ll eat lots of other things if they have to. The population is growing in Ontario, I understand. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see an adult. Peter


    1. Thanks Peter,
      For confirming my hopes. The last time a bald eagle was spotted around here, it caused quite a bit of excitement. I’ll keep a sharp eye trained, as those things are incredibly majestic with adult plumage (though they’re impressive enough as juveniles).
      Bye for now,


  2. Analog Kid · · Reply

    In late September 2019, East of Grafton, I saw one juvenile and one adult bald eagle. Riding my motorcycle south on Wicklow Beach Rd, between Hwy 2 & the railway tracks. They were standing in a field, surprisingly close to the road. Spotted the juvenile first (wondered if it was a hawk), then saw the adult 8 – 10 feet away. My first thought: “hunting lessons?”
    Like you, I watched bald eagles in Nova Scotia years ago. Positive these were baldies after seeing the adult; there’s no mistaking the colour. In the few seconds it took me to stop, they were flying off south….
    Enjoying the blog!


    1. Good to hear from you Analog Kid, and thanks for sharing your sighting. We haven’t seen ours since the Ganaraska fish run finished, so I suspect we’ll have to wait ’til the Spring run before we see them again. Hopefully, we’ll spot an adult someday. Meanwhile, we’ll keep a sharp eye whenever we’re in the Wicklow Beach area now too.
      Bye for now,


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