Strange Things I Have Seen – A BlueJay Without A Beak

Those of you who’ve been reading us for the last coupla years will recall the story of “Peg” the one legged chickadee  Peggy – aka Fred. Those of you who’ve been asking if she’s still about, will be glad to hear she landed on out hands for a feed of sunflower seeds just three days back. […]

Blinky Birds aka Mourning Doves

Ranger and I were out foraging while the wife was doing some yard work (do I know what I’m doing or what? ). Anyway, she started pulling out garden hose from the South side reel when a mourning dove exploded like a grouse, giving her quite a start. Upon investigation she saw what appeared at first, […]

Lair of the Ice Dragon

The wife and I were feeding chickadees on the AK Sculthorpe Marsh Trail in Port Hope last week.  As we walked, we heard what sounded like a whale “spouting” out on the lake. We came to a spot where we could see the lake through the bushes and peered about.  There was no sound.  As we stood there straining […]

The Porcupine Tree

In my preteen years, coming home from the family cottage North of North Bay, I used to catch glimpses of porcupines at 60 miles/hour (that was before Canada was metricised). They were seen gnawing on the highway guardrail posts as the posts had salt residue on them from Winter road maintenance. Those, despite entire Summers spent […]

Canadian Invaders

Much has been made of the issue of invasive species in Canada. However, in all our fussing over species which have invaded our land, I never gave any thought to the situation going the other way.  Hence : Castor canadensis The first I’d ever heard of a Canadian species invading other lands was from a […]

Is This Not the Cutest Thing You’ve EVER Seen ?

Last Summer, the wife and I stumbled upon this scene.  I can’t believe I failed to have my camera on me at the time.  Ever since, I’ve searched for these sweet little darlings again.  I’ve searched with Ranger and I searched with the wife … until today.  OK, OK, they’re alot older than they were […]

Peanuts are Pricey, Acorns are Free

What food (per 100 gram serving) has 36 % of your daily fat requirement 15 % of your potassium requirement 13 % of your daily carbohydrates 12 % of your daily protein 25 % of your Vitamin B6 4% of your calcium 15% of your magnesium Has no Cholesterol, nor Sodium And tastes like CRAP […]