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Secord Forest and Wildlife Area Review

From Glasgow Ontario (Google Map it) just South-West of Uxbridge, take Webb Rd East to Concession Rd #3. Take Conc #3 North (left turn from Webb) to Secord Rd and turn East (right). While researching this one before walking it, I read numerous warnings about the mosquitoes. So, the Wife and I held onto it until early December. The forecast was for a […]

Greenwood CA South of Concession #5 Review

This review is on that part of Greenwood CA which lies South of Concession # 5. The North section is covered here There are five access points. The main entrance is at the Southern terminus of Greenwood Rd. (about 1.4 kms South from Concession #5). This parking lot rivals a fine hotel’s lobby. Very impressive. […]

Greenwood CA North of Concession # 5 Review

This review reflects Greenwood CA North of Concession #5. The review of this CA South of Concession #5, can be found here Greenwood South of Conc #5 Review. There are two access points to this section of Greenwood CA. One is on the North side of Concession # 5 between Greenwood Rd. and Church St. N. […]

Wilder Forest and Wildlife Preserve 

At only ten years of age, this is one of Uxbridge’s latest marked trail tracts. That might explain why it doesn’t show on Google maps. Trying to determine it’s boundaries was an exercise in frustration and really not worth the bother. You’ll just have to trust me that there is a set of trails bordered by Brock Rd, Concession 6, Allbright Rd (Pleasure Valley Tract), and the Brock Tract. I couldn’t find any data […]

Ken Reid Conservation Area Review

Situated on the Southern end of Sturgeon Lake just North of Lindsay, this CA boasts twelve trails, plus a section of the Victoria Rail Trail too. Don’t be intimidated though, all totalled, the twelve trails are less than eleven kms. Getting there is simple enough. Take Hwy 35 (35/115 from the 401) and take a left at Hwy 7, then a right at Angelina St. and drive ‘til Angelina St. ends at Kenrei Rd. No that’s […]

The Lower Trent Trail

  We found this one while wandering about The Bleasdell Boulder Trail and became very excited when we found it was 17 kms long. It’s on the berm of an early 20th century railway that follows Hwy # 33 (and the Trent River) between Trenton and Glen Ross. However, like most long trails (e.g. – […]

Enniskillen Conservation Area Review

This is a fairly small CA at just 65 hectares of which, only about two thirds (the North – West tract) has a five trail system of about 5 kms total. There are two accesses, and both are off Holt Rd. One from Concession # 7 (from the South), and the other from Regional Rd […]