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North Walker Woods Trail Review

These Woods are one of the famed “Uxbridge trail complex”. Uxbridge (about 30 kms North of Pickering) has been federally designated the trail capital of Canada partially due to the half dozen “Woods”, “Forests”, and “CA” trails just South of it. Take Brock ROAD (NOT street) North from the 401 at Pickering to bring you right into the middle of […]

The Glasgow Loop Trail Review (& Goodwood CA)

This is a pleasant little 2.7 km walk with another 0.8 kms worth of side trails, rather well hidden just South-West of Goodwood Conservation Area near Uxbridge. It’s well hidden, unless you have a copy of the latest “Oak Ridges Moraine Trail Guidebook”. Don’t bother trying to Google it, or Google Map it, ‘cause it won’t show. We had initially planned to wander Goodwood CA (which does show) until, while looking for more data, we noticed the Glasgow Loop on the ORTA guidebook map. Take Brock ROAD (NOT street) 20 kms to the North from Pickering. Take a left at Webb rd for 6 kms, then another […]

Crow’s Pass Conservation Area Review

Having been caught off guard by my enjoyment of Heber Down Conservation Area, I figured I’d give the CLOCA (Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority) another look over. Due to its proximity to the GTA, I don’t usually pay it much attention. But I did find an anomaly in their listings. Crow’s Pass CA caught my eye ‘cause it’s off the beaten path, and North of the populated centres. So, I looked […]

Heber Down Conservation Area Review

We just spent three days exploring a CA within five kilometers of Whitby’s City Hall and thoroughly enjoyed it ! It all started when the Wife wanted to walk somewhere “different”. She suggested Heber Down. I’d been there a few times in the past and wasn’t particularly impressed. But then, not every walk has to result in a review does it ? Well, turns out the Wife was onto something, and we enjoyed […]

Kendal Crown Lands Review

Ranger and I visited this one a number of years before “2oldguyswalking” was created. Since then we’ve dropped by from time to time, but never paid much attention. Over the years, the Wife and I took a coupla wander-throughs in various seasons, and rather enjoyed ourselves. It’s well within our usual range so we took it seriously for a coupla days last week and checked it out for you.   OK, […]

Durham East Cross Forest Conservation Area

The first time we saw this trailhead was many years ago. It looked like nothing more than an ATVer’s paradise, so we paid no attention and carried on. But recently, the wife reminded me of our first erroneous impression of Orono’s Crown Land  so I did some I’Net research. It’s history was encouraging, and we had […]

Menzel Centennial Provincial Nature Reserve Review

On a return trip from Perth we allowed ourselves time to check out a few natural areas. Areas that would otherwise be too far from Home to justify the trip just to look them over. If a place shows promise, we’ll return when we have more time. If it doesn’t …  at least we didn’t […]