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The Lower Trent Trail

  We found this one while wandering about The Bleasdell Boulder Trail and became very excited when we found it was 17 kms long. It’s on the berm of an early 20th century railway that follows Hwy # 33 (and the Trent River) between Trenton and Glen Ross. However, like most long trails (e.g. – […]

Enniskillen Conservation Area Review

This is a fairly small CA at just 65 hectares of which, only about two thirds (the North – West tract) has a five trail system of about 5 kms total. There are two accesses, and both are off Holt Rd. One from Concession # 7 (from the South), and the other from Regional Rd […]

Long Sault Conservation Area Review

Long Sault doesn’t show on Google Maps as anything more than a name. There’s no corresponding green patch, which belies its size of 1,650 acres and 18 kms of trails. Then again, considering it’s CLOCA’s (Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority) biggest property, they aren’t real generous with the signage to get you there either. Take […]

Walker Woods Trail Review

This is another one of the Uxbridge trails. There are two trails I would recommend here as there’s a confusing mish-mash of trails back in there, under numerous authorities’ names, or for numerous uses. I’d suggest following the ORTA (Oak Ridges Trail Association) side trail markers to make things clear and easy. ORTA side trails […]

North Walker Woods Trail Review

These Woods are one of the famed “Uxbridge trail complex”. Uxbridge (about 30 kms North of Pickering) has been federally designated the trail capital of Canada partially due to the half dozen “Woods”, “Forests”, and “CA” trails just South of it. Take Brock ROAD (NOT street) North from the 401 at Pickering to bring you right into the middle of […]

The Glasgow Loop Trail Review (& Goodwood CA)

This is a pleasant little 2.7 km walk with another 0.8 kms worth of side trails, rather well hidden just South-West of Goodwood Conservation Area near Uxbridge. It’s well hidden, unless you have a copy of the latest “Oak Ridges Moraine Trail Guidebook”. Don’t bother trying to Google it, or Google Map it, ‘cause it won’t show. We had initially planned to wander Goodwood CA (which does show) until, while looking for more data, we noticed the Glasgow Loop on the ORTA guidebook map. Take Brock ROAD (NOT street) 20 kms to the North from Pickering. Take a left at Webb rd for 6 kms, then another […]

Crow’s Pass Conservation Area Review

Having been caught off guard by my enjoyment of Heber Down Conservation Area, I figured I’d give the CLOCA (Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority) another look over. Due to its proximity to the GTA, I don’t usually pay it much attention. But I did find an anomaly in their listings. Crow’s Pass CA caught my eye ‘cause it’s off the beaten path, and North of the populated centres. So, I looked […]