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Durham East Cross Forest Conservation Area

The first time we saw this trailhead was many years ago. It looked like nothing more than an ATVer’s paradise, so we paid no attention and carried on. But recently, the wife reminded me of our first erroneous impression of Orono’s Crown Land  so I did some I’Net research. It’s history was encouraging, and we had […]

Menzel Centennial Provincial Nature Reserve Review

On a return trip from Perth we allowed ourselves time to check out a few natural areas. Areas that would otherwise be too far from Home to justify the trip just to look them over. If a place shows promise, we’ll return when we have more time. If it doesn’t …  at least we didn’t […]

Sidney Conservation Area Review

We’ve come to call this one “the Peter’s Woods of the Quinte Conservation Authority”. With the exception of a small patch of fake forest right at the entrance (man planted rows of pines to control erosion back in the 1940s), the look and feel was very Peter’s Woods(ish). There were a few notable exceptions though. […]

Bleasdell Boulder Conservation Area Review

Not an extensive trail at all. Just a 1.5 km loop with a great honkin’ big old rock that some glacier left behind a long time ago. There’s a trail (0.6 kms return) off from the boulder which ends by intercepting “The Lower Trent Trail”. This former railway bed runs for 17 kms from Trenton […]

Map Locations of All Trails on this Site

While searching for new trails in the latest “Guide to Ontario’s Conservation Areas” publication, I was annoyed to find a general location map but no exact location directions. Many of these trails are difficult to find (even if you know their name) which is why I’m so anal about giving you as exact directions as […]

The Northumberland County Forest Woodland Trails Review

There are a lot of trails through the Northumberland County Forest (NCF). There’s what I call the West Block, and the Carstairs Tract, and then there’s: The Woodland Trails These trails are at the end of Woodland Rd. just 16 kms North of the 401 on the right/East of Hwy 45 outa Cobourg. The road […]

Prince Edward Point NWA/PEPt Bird Observatory/Little Bluff CA Review

I combined these three as two of them are within minutes of each other (Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area – PEPNWA –  and Little Bluff CA) and the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory – PEPtBO –  is on the property of the Prince Edward Point NWA. This write up was spread across two years, as we […]