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How to Sell a Used Car

I just sold my 1989 IROC Z classic Camaro muscle car. The car of my dreams. 30 years ago, on a return trip from a meeting at Head Office with my first boss (Peter was my hero at that time of my youth), he slowed down as we passed a GM dealership and said, “Man […]

Kawartha Country Wines

John said “Well, I looked around the Niagara Region and Prince Edward County and I thought … do I want to be a small fish in a big pond, or … the only fish in the pond ? ” then he gave us one of those grins that lit up his whole face. Continuing to […]

Stats Page Interpretations

I didn’t expect anything unusual when Ranger wrote “You Can’t go Back”. It was a walk down memory lane where he reminisced about his childhood in the town of Camborne. The reaction was remarkable! Though our blog’s sponsor (WordPress) doesn’t provide us with any personal data on our readers, the Stats Page does allow us […]

Camborne Village Ski Club – A History

This is the first “guest writer” 2oldguys has published. Due to interest realized in Ranger’s You Can’t Go Back , this is a more personal account of the creation of the Camborne Ski Club. It was provided by Pat and Carol’s grandchild in a prize-winning grade school speech. We’ve left it as written. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Doctor, vet, […]

You’re Just as Smart as your Grandkids Are

I found myself seated in my buddy’s garage this morning, discussing his G’kids (that’s grandchildren but I’m not gonna type out 13 letters, a dozen times, when 5 will do). Seems his G’kids can figure out which buttons to press to make music come out of their iPods ! And, they’re only 12 years old […]

Before Aurora Trout Were Called Anything

My father-in-law loved to fish for trout. He wouldn’t eat ’em, but my mother-in-law would, and often did. He was a fascinating fellow born in 1910 Cobalt in Northern Ontario. I’ve always loved the North, and his tales of childhood adventure (which he took for granted) held me spellbound. He didn’t often speak of “the old […]

Doug’s Maple Syrup – A Family Affair

Doug’s father Barney, was the original Maple Syrup Man in the family with help from his son Doug and grandson Jamie.  After Barney’s passage, Doug and his son Jamie took over and updated/upgraded the operation. Jamie has since grown up and has his own children now, but the family tradition of maple syrup production continues to bring them together every […]