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Brand New Meteor Shower Approaching – LINEAR 209P

Back around 1995 humanity started wondering (or more accurately – worrying) that the celestial collision which likely finished off the dinosaurs could happen again.  Only this time, the unfortunate big, fat, stupid creatures being threatened, would be us.  The U.S. alone has launched no less than 7 programs to detect life threatening “near Earth objects” […]

Northern (?) Lights

A random collision at over a million degrees Celsius, shattered two simple atoms into sub-atomic particles. The resulting explosion, combined with the star’s wandering weak magnetic spots ejected them from the corona at 2.5 million km/hr. From there, they joined the centillions of others, escaping the star’s gravitational field. Almost all the particles would race […]

Counting the Falling Stars

“OOOOOOH !  There’s one !” the wife exclaimed pointing behind me.  As I began to turn, another one caught my eye as it streaked across the sky behind her.  “Heay, I thought they were all supposed to come out of the north-west” I whined while spinning on my heels trying to view all 4 horizons.   […]