Elizabethville Ontario Ghost Mills

Elizabethville is a small village that is usually thought of in terms that if you blink while driving through the area on County Road #9 you could easily miss it, that is because most of the village is south on County Road #65. Located on the Little Ganaraska River in the northwest corner of Hope […]

The Making of a Grist Mill

This post should have been written about one of the most beautiful attractions of yesteryear…the mill pond and specifically the waterwheel it powered. Like the steam powered locomotive, the waterwheel has always fascinated the Ranger. Both of these motive power sources, using the power of water have been harnessed as amazing labor saving devices by […]

Woodley’s Heritage Sawmill

  In the 1870’s James Woodley dammed up a small stream near the present day town of Hayden, Ontario. This was the beginning of an early water powered sawmill and the start of a chair factory. As with most early saw and grist mills a small village was soon established nearby. This hamlet east of […]

The Historic Hope Saw Mill

  This awesome old saw mill is now an Educational and Heritage Center located on the Indian River at 3414 Hope Mill Road, Lang Ontario. Not to be confused with the Lang Grist Mill at the Lang Pioneer Village nearby, it is strictly a working saw mill, a wood working museum and has archival records […]

Fowlds Mill, Hastings, Ontario

  The Town of Hastings straddles a set of rapids where the Trent River narrows, at the eastern end of Rice Lake. The Trent-Severn Waterway is a 386 kilometre canal route connecting Lake Ontario at Trenton to Lake Huron at Port Severn. The rivers were an important part of settlement in Upper Canada as they […]

The Early Mill Streams of Cobourg, Ont.

Remember as children how we loved to follow streams ? We would sail ‘boats’ in them, we would dam them for our own private swimming pools…until the first rain storm would flood them out! We could catch fish and frogs, we could wade and swim and get the sunburns of our life. This story might […]

Cheers to the Mill Keepers

This is a tribute to all the keepers of the old and historical mill buildings of Ontario. Whether for restoring these great old buildings back to mill operations or saving them for private or public use, thank you from the 2oldguyswalking team. Seems the Rangers attraction to these rare old buildings might be influenced by […]