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The Early Mill Streams of Cobourg, Ont.

Remember as children how we loved to follow streams ? We would sail ‘boats’ in them, we would dam them for our own private swimming pools…until the first rain storm would flood them out! We could catch fish and frogs, we could wade and swim and get the sunburns of our life. This story might […]

Cheers to the Mill Keepers

This is a tribute to all the keepers of the old and historical mill buildings of Ontario. Whether for restoring these great old buildings back to mill operations or saving them for private or public use, thank you from the 2oldguyswalking team. Seems the Rangers attraction to these rare old buildings might be influenced by […]

The Mill at Campbellcroft, Ont.

Is this a beautiful old mill? Not really, but it is rustic beyond belief! This little mill is located just south of Campbellcroft on a side road you may never have had any reason to travel, unless you were hiking part of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail located here. Okay, there is not much else to […]

The Other Mill in Bowmanville, Ontario

The Village of Darlington Mills Ontario started around 1794 just south of where the Vanstone Mill is located today at 116 King Street, Bowmanville.  The first Loyalist families to settle here were the Burks,  Trulls and Roger Conant. John Burk erected a saw mill and then a grist mill on the west bank of Barber’s […]

The Cereal Mill of Bowmanville Ontario

This old mill started its life around 1806 on land purchased from Augusta Barber and was built on Barber’s Creek, later called Bowmanville Creek.  The mill started out as a saw mill and was later converted to a grist mill built and operated by Leonard Soper and his son Timothy for many years.  In later […]

Canton, Ontario, Grist Mill

For such an active and attractive building today (no longer as a grist mill), Ranger is having trouble finding a lot of history to go with this mill.  But as with the other mills in this series, the main focus will not be on the mechanical operations of the mills.  The lives of the local […]

Garden Hill, Ontario. Ghost Mill

Garden Hill was first established around 1830 with the name Adam’s Corners.  A later name soon appeared as Waterford. The first mill to be constructed here was built in 1861 by Frank Beamish and was leased to an American firm to manufacture hats.  At some time this mill was destroyed by fire.  Beamish had it […]