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What Is This Thing?

Once upon a time while planting my apartment balcony garden, a very strange and unknown plant appeared in one of my twenty-six planters. Its seed that grew, likely from the potting mix was so odd that I just had to let it prosper along with whatever I originally planted there. Well, it certainly is odd […]

So Thats Why My Tomato Seeds Did Nothing  … I’ll Try Cucumbers Next

Have you ever grown a vegetable that was delicious on the palate, prolific on the plant, perfectly shaped and coloured, meaty and flawlessly textured  …  and you had no idea what its name was, nor could even remember where you bought it? WHO HASN’T  ? Remember those juicy, fleshy tomatoes last year, or those incredibly […]

Garden Evolution II – The Wife had a Vision

The wife and I had talked for years about landscaping the front yard. I was always concerned that our “tastes” in gardening, might not be shared by the general public (see posting Garden Evolution). What we did in our backyard was nobody’s business but ours. What we did in the front however, would be subject […]

Bouquets from the Wild

Another one of the wife’s many talents is her ability to design “natural” bouquets. It’s one thing to take a bouquet of flowers from a florist (OK, from the grocery store for half the price), and drop ’em into a vase of water, and say “Isnt that lovely”. But it’s another thing entirely to do […]

Garden Evolution

The wife and I used to go camping when we were first married, and living in an apartment.  But once we became homeowners, we were amongst the first “staycationers”.  Not because we didn’t want to camp anymore, but because we had our own piece of real estate to explore and alter to our own designs.  […]