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Wild Leeks, Wild Garlic, Wood Leeks, Spring Onions, or Ramps

One plant by many names, has sprung up in the woodlots of Southern Ontario. They’re not hard to recognize as they’re about the only thing green and lush out there right now. Mind you, Ramps (Allium Tricoccum) leaves look an awful lot like the domestic escapee “lily of the valley” which, of course, is toxic […]

Just How Tasty Might Wild Apples Be ?

Ranger (and the wife) and I, know the locations of at least sixty-three wild asparagus patches (Stalking the Feral Asparagus) five raspberry patches, eleven elderberry patches, two blackberry patches, three major yielding wild grape vine communities, four trails on which we can harvest morels, two locations for shaggy manes, five spots where we’ll find giant puffballs, […]

Quit yer Whinin’ and Start Wining

I mentioned awhile back, that Ranger was looking forward to trying some elderberry wine made from our own foraged berries.  I’d been making homemade wine from store bought juice for some time before this.  I made a coupla very nice hard ciders that even the wife felt compelled to compliment. I finally got a good […]

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and 2 Old Guys Walking

Please click on this link Stalking the Feral Asparagus for an explanation of where this all started. I’m frickin’ pissed.   And I don’t mean in the pleasant, Saturday afternoon drinking cold ones on the back deck with trusted friends laughing about the fun we had the Summer before, while sitting on the back deck having […]

Stalking the Feral Asparagus

“Heay !  Look at this one, it’s so cute !  It looks like a little Christmas tree … with decorations and all”. Ranger had, once again, knocked me flat on my ass with his own patented brand of enthusiasm.  Just when I think I’m boring the living hell out of him, he ducks into a […]

The Lowdown on Highbush – Cranberries 3

**Please see Highbush Cranberries 2 – the Sequel for the previous posting on this subject ** Listen ! I’ve tried ! God knows I’ve tried ! Sounds like my dad discussing me, with the camp counselor, or a Sunday school teacher, or maybe his pastor, or possibly our neighbours, the PTA, strangers on the bus, […]

Highbush Cranberries 2 the sequel

** Please click on Highbush Cranberries to start at the beginning of this adventure. ** Well, this time I approached it like the professional scientist I once was (Ewwwww!).  I hated it, but it does work, and it’s still easy for me to do.  So I researched it and found many sites explaining that there […]