Turk Rd. and Alnwick Hills Rd. Loop Trail (Baltimore Ontario) Review

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Turk Rd. and Alnwick Hills Rd. Loop Trail (Baltimore Ontario) Review

Turk rd and Alnwick rd location map-min

This 4 km loop isn’t an official trail under anyone in particular’s authority. Basically, it’s a collection of some bush roads that form a nice loop trail. We found it by looking over an Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) map. Heay ! I don’t care how I find ‘em … as long as I find ‘em.

We did an exploratory in early May to determine if it would be worth returning to, and it certainly was. No matter how you approach it, this one is gonna involve climbing a hill, and walking back down again (but, pretty much on the same side, so you’ll only have to climb it once). However, the direction you start from, can make a difference. If you start from the intersection of Turk and Alnwick Hills rds., and head East (continuing on Turk rd. by foot) you’ll be taking the more gradual climb. After that, all the directions you’ll need are to take the road to the right at every intersection. This link will open Google Maps at the intersection of Turk rd and Alnwick Hills Rd : https://goo.gl/maps/NRyxxuwWjyT1eKwd6

Turk Rd. and Alnwick Hills Rd. Loop Trail Map - min

We started from Turk Rd. continuing straight forward (East) for this review. After a pleasant walk through a wooded stretch, you’ll enter a Hydro tower corridor where you’ll walk under full sun for about 0.5 kms on a flat, sandy surface. Following the road to the right, you’ll step back into cool canopied forest again, heading South. After a short, level walk, you’ll come to a crossroads. Straight ahead is the Hickerson Rd. access, and to the left is a rather confusing mess of trails (ATV made) going nowhere reliably. Turn right (West) and carry on walking the level, sandy road.

1 Turk Rd & Alnwick Hills Rd Loop Turk to Hickerson

You’ll notice a lonely little cultivated field just before a sharp left curve in the road. I have no idea what that’s all about. On the subject of that left curve … here’s where you start getting that cardio workout. It’s uphill from here until you hit Alnwick Hills Rd.

2 Turk Rd & Alnwick Hills Rd Loop Hickerson to Alnwick

Once you hit Alnwick Hills Rd., you’ll see the first of two communication towers. Again, take it to the right and walk in full sun to the second tower. You’ll get a bit of a countryside view from the communication towers as well (no trespassing beyond the gates though).

As you pass the second tower and head back into the forest canopy, you’ll begin to appreciate why I suggested you walk this loop in a clock-wise direction from Turk Rd. On that note, don’t try walking this trail if it’s wet. That sand and those rocks are plenty slippery, and that’s a steep hill.

3 Turk Rd & Alnwick Hills Rd Loop Towers to End

Once the trail levels out again, it’s a short walk to your ride.

The Final Take

The Wife and I both noticed the silence on these bushroads. As well, we were pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness. The whole length is wide enough for two to walk side by side, but there are no facilities of course. It’s a nice blend of open air and canopied forest. We also spotted a few unusual wildflowers and a garden escapee that the Wife says she hasn’t seen in years at any nursery. I guess we’ll be taking rooting cuttings from that one. I should mention that the base alternates between sandy and rocky. The rocky sections are often on the steeper parts of the hills, so you’d do well to watch your footing.

Have a nice walk,



  1. Mike Milner · · Reply

    Happy New Year Ranger, Bushwacker and the Wife. Your posts never fail to brighten the most dreary days (and haven’t we had a few of those over the last couple of years). Thanks.


    1. And Happy New Year to you and yours Mike. Your greetings have certainly brightened our day, and provided a wonderful way to start a new year. With patience and care, maybe we can put the dreary days of the last coupla years behind us.
      2oldguyswalking – Ranger, Bushwhacker, and The Wife


  2. Pamela Fischer · · Reply

    Walked your Loop Trail today. Very nice 1 hour long walk. Thanks for the directions and description. Happy walking!

    Sent from Mail for Windows


    1. Excellent ! Glad you liked it.


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