The Point Petre Lakeshore Crown Lands (Picton) Review

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The Point Petre Lakeshore Crown Lands (Picton) Review

There are nine roadside accesses from Point Petre Road and there are many ways to get to them. So, let’s start from Picton. Take Cty rd #10 to Cherry Valley. Continue on #10 to #24 and park on the junction of #24 and Army Reserve Road. Here’s the Google Maps location link :

If you use the directions or link above, you’ll pass the first three accesses. However, this access is the most attractive and we found it to be the best place to start. It’s only a kilometer (return) to the first access, and you can choose to walk the shoreline one way, and canopied wooded trails back.

That’s the whole charm of this place and why we liked it so much. The choice of shoreline walking or a wide, clear path through heavily wildflowered woods greatly appeals to me. I will mention here that the “beaches” are composed of solid sheets of limestone or fist sized limestone stones. You won’t be sprawling on a beach towel here. The advantage of that is … neither will anyone else.

As you continue South-East, the views of the lake become less common and the shoreline more rugged. The inland trails become more wooded too. Anytime you want a view of the lake, you just take a few steps to the West and there it is (or you can just turn your head for the most part). As you approach the tip of the point, you’ll be rudely assaulted by a chainlink fence ending the trail, and the shoreline stones become unstable and difficult to walk on.

OK, not wishing to bore the crap outa anyone by my fascination with Invertebrate Paleontology … but … if you sit down on a rock for a lunch or snack, you might notice forms in the rock at your feet. These are the fossilized remains of creatures who ruled the Earth about half a billion years ago (give or take a hundred million years or so). Below are pictures of the fossils in the substrate, and samples of the same creatures, once removed and cleaned -up.


The Final Take

This is a gorgeous (about) 4 km walk along a blend of shoreline, and backshore forest trails. There are numerous picnic suitable places all along the shoreline with lovely vistas of the lake. There are, of course, no actual picnicking facilities provided. This a Crown Land after all. Swimming isn’t an option here as there aren’t any sandy beaches, and there are numerous warnings about the undertow. The entire shoreline is either smooth limestone or is composed of gravel – to – fist sized chunks of limestone. Regardless, this place has a stark, yet wild beauty to it. The harshly wind – whipped trees and jagged shoreline provides one with an idea of how cruel the Winter months would be here … as you wander in the warm sun, and cool gentle breezes of Summer. Having said that, on our mid – May walk here, the Spring wildflower opportunities were some of the best we’ve seen anywhere.

Have a nice walk,



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Awesome fossils!


    1. Thanks kindly. Nice to know we have at least one reader also fascinated with Invertebrate Paleontology.


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