Our Favourite Trails … and Why They Are

A reader recently asked of me, the impossible. He requested a list of our top favourite trails. I explained that there are so many different reasons for liking a trail, that I couldn’t possibly choose any particular ones over the others. So, my solution is to provide lists of trails by their primary attributes, or why they would be our favourites in the categories that matter most to us. Of course, not every trail we’ve ever walked, would be on our list of favourites. Much like the Freudian expression “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”, sometimes a trail is just a trail. This posting will be updated as I issue new reviews which fit into one or more of these categories.

Trails with Easy Walking

Since our site’s name has the word “Old” in it, I’ll start by just pointing out the easily walked trails. Any trail review with the words “Rail Trail” in the title is gonna be easy walking. These are previous railway lines and they’re always flat, and wide. The Trans Canada, Victoria Rail Trails, K&P Trails, Lang Hastings, Doube’s Trestle, Hastings Heritage Trails, Lower Trent Trail, Trail of Two Lakes, and Haliburton County Rail Trails are all titled as such. There are so many of these that I can’t reasonably provide links to them all. If you click on this link, Map Locations of ALL Trails on this Site you’ll be taken to a page that lists all our trail reviews. From here, you can scroll down the list below the map, to look for the names of numerous sections of the trails listed above:

These have (or are entirely) wheelchair accessible trails:

Northumberland County Forest Carstairs Tract (3.2 kms loop trail with side loops up to 6 kms total)

The NCF Beagle Club Trails (Cobourg) (1.0 Km loop trail)

Trails with Water Features

Alot of trails have water features of course, but these ones are highlighted by them.

Callaghan’s Rapids

The Good Doctor’s Trail (Port Hope)

Trout Ponds to Millbrook (Baxter’s Creek) Trail

McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve (Oshawa)

Bowmanville Creek – A Winter Walkable

Beaver Meadow (Picton) Wildlife Area and Macaulay Mountain CA

Depot Creek Nature Reserve (Bellrock, Ontario)

Meisel Woods (Westport)

The Gut Conservation Area (Coe Hill)

The Trans Canada Big Pond Trail between Hwy #62 and Twiddy Rd (Madoc) Review

Trail of Two Lakes from Old Madoc Rd. to the Banks of the Trent River (Belleville)

Trans Canada past Drag Lake Trail Review (Madoc/Tweed)

The Bata Island Trails Review (Frankford)

Hastings Heritage Trail from Station St to Malone Rd Review (Marmora) (You don’t often see waterfalls on a rail trail in our area)

The Thomas C. Agnew Nature Reserve Trail Review (Washago)

The Haliburton Cty Railtrail Geeza to Howland (Howland) Review

Seymour CA (Campbellford)

Vanderwater CA (Thomasburg)

Ken Reid CA (Lindsay)

Trails with Lookout Vistas

Doube’s Trestle Trail (Peterborough)

Fleetwood Creek NA (Ballyduff)

Sheffield CA (Kaladar) (You’ll work for this one)

Pickering’s Seaton Trail (You’ll REALLY work for these ones – though please note the plural “these” ones)

Foley Mountain (Westport)

Bancroft’s Eagle’s Nest Trails Review

Norwood’s Mill Pond Trails Review

Samuel Wilmot NA (Newcastle)

Trails with Wildflowers

Depot Creek Nature Reserve (Bellrock)

Purdon’s Wild Orchid Conservation Area (McDonalds Corners) (This one is unbelievable)

ORTA Trail between Woodvale School Rd and Beatty Lane (Port Hope)

The Thomas C. Agnew Nature Reserve Trail Review (Washago)

The Kahshe Barrens Trail Review (Washago)

The Dahl Forest Trail Review (Kinmount) (Not flowers so much as incredible displays of mosses)

The Haliburton Cty Railtrail Geeza to Howland (Howland) Review

Trails with Boardwalks

There are lots of trails with functional boardwalks to get you over wet spots, but these ones have aesthetic purposes.

Menzel Centennial Nature Reserve (Napanee)

H.R. Frink CA & OEC (both across the wetland, and through the maple forest)

Ken Reid CA (Lindsay)

Trails with Bold Wildlife

McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve (Oshawa)

Lynde Shores CA – A Winter Walkable (Oshawa) (This one was phenomenal !)

Stony Lake Trails Review (Woodview)

Beaver Meadow (Picton) Wildlife Area and Macaulay Mountain CA

The Port Hope Lakeshore Trail

Trails with forageable berries, mushrooms, nuts, wild asparagus etc.

HA! Like I’m gonna tell anybody where those are.



  1. Rita Bauer · · Reply

    Thanks to you two old guys and “the wife” I am sitting here enjoying your trip descriptions and feeling happy instead of bored and slightly down.I feel very lucky to have found your blog and Eric and I have followed your recommendations and found new and exciting additions to our explorations because of you.
    We would love to run into you on one of our hikes. Thanks so much for sharing.


    1. Hi Rita,
      As the Wife says, comments like yours give us incentive to keep at it (and thanks for including the Wife, as she rarely gets the credit her efforts deserve). Glad we could help cheer things up for you. Take heart as rumor has it, Spring is on the way to rescue us all.


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