The Nonquon Crown Lands on Scugog Line 12 (Port Perry) Trails Review

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The Nonquon Crown Lands on Scugog Line 12 Trails Review

At 1.9 kms West of Simcoe St. on Scugog Line # 12 (North from Port Perry) you’ll find a signed access to the Nonquon Crown Lands Area. This is the Northernmost access of three, to the Nonquon Crown Lands. The link below will open Google Maps at the trailhead :

This one is another unusual Crown Land in that it hasn’t been totally destroyed by red-neck activity. Not entirely. In fact, it’s got some nice views, water, and pretty trails. There’s access to the Nonquon River and two picturesque ponds. We only saw gun casings in one spot, and only one trail had been totally destroyed by ATV idiots (and it wasn’t a very nice trail anyway, I mean even before they destroyed it). All the remaining trails are too high, dry and on solid ground for ATVs to ruin them. There are two entrances to these lands, the one I mention above, and another on Old Simcoe Rd. 750 meters South of Scugog Line 12. We started from the main entrance on Scugog Line #12 for this review.

The linear trail heading South from Scugog Line 12 into the Lands, will walk you through a wetland and up a hill to a “hub” from where you can view the surrounding countryside. From here you can decide which way to go first.

To the East, you can walk down to the Nonquon riverbank for a look around. On your way back up to the hub, there’s a trail off to the left (South) that’ll take you for another view of the river which also forks around a small pond or wetland (depending on the time of year). This is only about one kilometer distance.

Once back to the hub, you can start the loop trail to the West (about 3 kms long). On the way, you’ll see two trails off to the North. While both will take you to the same fair sized pond, one stops at the pond, and the other will lead you along a berm around the other side of the pond. The bermed one will continue on past the pond and into the bush. We walked to it’s termination, and it just stopped in a turn around loop which returned to the pond, and on to the main trail.

As you continue on the main trail, you’ll approach a larger pond. You’ll pass the Old Simcoe Road access gates just as the pond begins to show through the trees. For me, it was a toss-up as to what I liked best about this site, the river or the ponds. Then again, I really liked the statuesque way the trees rose up from the meadows.

Anyway, as you round the pond and begin returning to the hub, you’ll pass a rather inviting looking trail to the South. This is a trail the Wife and I walked in February while the ground was still frozen. It’s the trail I was referring to when I mentioned (in my first paragraph) a trail, totally destroyed by ATVs. It will lead to another set of trails (the central access to the Nonquon Crown Lands) I’ve reviewed here : The Nonquon Crown Lands Educational Centre on Old Simcoe Road (Port Perry) Trails Review. We elected not to bother with it when we walked here in late May. It was difficult and unpleasant enough when the gouged, and heaved trail surface was frozen. I didn’t even want to think about it once it had thawed. You can try it if you want, but I wouldn’t bother doing it again.The Southernmost access to the Nonquon Crown lands is reviewed here : The Nonquon Crown Lands Educational Centre on Scugog Line 10 (Port Perry) Trails Review

The Final Take

These approximately 4 kms of trails are not marked in any way. However, they’re quite obvious on the ground across the meadows, and through the trees in the wooded areas. Call it whatever they want, it’s still a Crown Land and so has no facilities (not even parking). Water is everywhere here, be it pond, flowing river, or wetland. However, you won’t have flooding problems as the majority of trails are high and dry in any season. Dogs, of course, are welcome. With very few exceptions, the trails are wide enough for two to walk side by side.

Have a nice walk,



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