How to Write a WordPress Posting with the Classic Editor (Origin theme)

Alot of our fellow WordPressers have expressed their disdain for this Block Editor WordPress has dumped on us. I don’t like being dumped on, so I usually mess around until I find another way to get what I want. I’ve been using the following procedure for months now, and it has been working just fine. Hopefully, it will work for you.

I don’t know if this will work for all WP themes, but it does for my “Origin” theme and I think we all use a common Dashboard format. If you start from your Dashboard by choosing “Posts” then “Add New” like in the screencap below :

The page will open in the annoying as Hell Block Editor. However, Instead of doing that, enter the title in the “Quick Draft” title box, and hit the solid blue “Save Draft” button.

Then, go to the “Posts” tab and choose “All Posts” (instead of Add New).

Your “Quick Draft” titled post will appear at the top of the list. Hover your cursor over the title and you’ll see six options appear below the title. Choose to open in the “Classic Editor”.

When you do … you’ll get a warning. However, I’ve added text, pictures, and inserted links right away and even days later, and I’ve never had any problems with data, nor formatting.

Choose “Continue to Classic Editor” and do your thing with an editor that makes sense and is familiar. If you wanna edit it further at a later date (as I often do), just open it from the “All Posts” tab and choose “Classic Editor” again. 

You can open from the Recent Drafts as well, but you’ll have to click on the word “Classic” in the top left of your screen when your draft opens. If you wanna add more pictures, the camera/musical note icon (second from the right in the box at the top) will take you to the media page.

Of  course, sooner or later, some punk is gonna ram this damned thing down our throats whether we like it or not so … that’s when we’ll either have “put up and shut up” or transfer everything to another sponsor. Hope this helps someone.

Bye for now,




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