The Trail of 2 Lakes from Crookston Rd to Seymour St W (Madoc) Review

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The Trail of 2 Lakes from Crookston Rd to Seymour St W (Madoc) Review

This is the Northern continuation from my review of the trail from Sills Rd. to Crookston Rd. To start at the Southern access take the Hwy # 62 exit from the 401 and drive about 30 kms North to Crookston Rd. Turn right on Crookston Rd. and drive 0.9 kms to the trailhead. This link will open Google Maps at the Crookston roadside trailhead :

From Crookston Rd. to Quin Mo Lac Rd. (4.2 kms)

As you go North from Crookston, you’ll cross over a short bridge and walk through a wetland. When we first scouted out this section a few weeks earlier, the wetland was near bone dry. It had been recently drained by someone, for some reason. This time a couple of small beaver dams had been built and the wetland was alive and vibrant again. Full of wildlife. As we continued, the trail plunged into a cool canopied forest, which remained until we came across a private access to White Lake. This was the first view we had of the lake. From there we re-entered a forested stretch until we passed a private dock which provided our second view of the Lake.

I had rather hoped the lake would be visible for more of its length. Google’s satellite view seemed to indicate it might be, but no such luck. Once past the private dock on White Lake, there are no further views of the lake. The sound of Hwy #62 will fade as you continue North through a forested stretch with a nice blend of open sky and shady canopied trail. This was where we came across an Io (pronounced eye-oh) moth larvae, which we took Home with us to raise in a protected enclosure we’d been using for raising Monarch butterflies over the Summer (the butterflies were through with it by that time of year – mid September). Should you be fortunate enough to see one of these, be warned. Those pretty, bright green little spikes are stingers … and yes, they hurt.

UPDATE – June 14 2020 – This moth emerged last night. We were surprised at how small it was as we expected a huge cecropia-like moth. This one was only an inch and a half long. Not much bigger than it’s larvae.

There are a few very small wet spots to the side of the trail to be seen, and a tiny “bridge” bordered with a pair of huge old squared off timbers.

There’s just one short stretch where you’ll see a bit of cultivated field, but that’s all. Otherwise this section is a pleasant blend of forest and wetland (just not with open water).

From Quin Mo Lac Rd. to Hwy # 62 (1.9 kms)

I didn’t expect much from this stretch as it runs alongside a cottage road, and what appeared to be through cottage backyards. However, it turned out to be quite a pleasant stroll. There are some very impressive rock walls along the way. As well, the trail passes behind, yet far above the cottages enough to afford views of Moira Lake over them. This part of the railway must’ve been on a filled in trestle to rise so high above the surrounding forest on one side and the lake on the other. We also found two more Io moth larvae on this stretch. That makes a total of three I’ve seen in my decades of trail walking, and all in the last few days.

From Hwy # 62 to North Shore Lane (920 meters)

This section had a “trail closed” designation due to a damaged bridge just South of Madoc. I held onto this review hoping the bridge would be repaired. However, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen anytime soon, so I decided to publish this review without it. It’s less than a kilometer long and is within 45 meters of Hwy 62 and 1/2 a dozen cottage backyards, so I guess we’re not missing too much.

From North Shore Lane to Seymour St. W. (1.9 kms)

For this stretch, we actually walked from Seymour to North Shore Lane as the parking was better at Seymour. The Southern end of this stretch is mostly wetlands, a pond, and a short but as usual, impressively constructed railroad bridge.

The Northern section is mostly forested trail.

The Final Take

This 8 km one – way trail (not including a 0.9 km stretch near Hwy 62 with a bridge out) wanders through numerous wetlands, past two lakes, and through canopied forests. There are a few stretches where civilization becomes more apparent, but the views from the trail are pleasant enough that, even I didn’t mind. It is an old railroad path, so it’s quite wide, level and clear which makes for easy walking. There are no facilities of any kind and roadside parking is all that’s available.

Have a nice walk,


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