While Covid 19 is Getting the Attention it Should …

Please keep in mind that disease carrying ticks aren’t gonna give you a sympathy break. They don’t know, and they simply don’t care about our problems. 

Recommended avoidance of crowds, combined with the arrival of Spring have caused a very noticeable upshot in readers hitting trail reviews on this site. Walking trails out in the fresh, clean air is a wonderful thing, but please be advised that ticks are out there and stirring … right now. So, I’d like to remind you to take precautions against infection from black legged deer ticks. I wrote a post on the subject back in 2018 :

Deer Tick, Black Legged Tick, Ixodes Scapularis

As well, last Summer a dreaded “Lone Star” tick was positively identified in South – Central Ontario. This tick can infect you with a disease that causes an allergic reaction to red meat. There is no known treatment.

In closing, please understand, I’m not trying to frighten anyone (or maybe I am, if that’s what it takes). I can’t help but think that, were it not for Covid 19, the media would be broadcasting this tick reminder. So, while they’re busy with that, I’ll issue this. The last thing you need is to worry about is going to a hospital for a potential Lyme disease infection during a Covid 19 pandemic. Please don’t be afraid to go enjoy a trail walk, just remember to practice tick safety as you would’ve anyway.



  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s a great reminder for all of us
    Spouse and I were discussing ticks with so many new people out on the trails this weekend.

    Hopefully they read up on the different ticks, do careful post hike checks, and learn how to remove them properly. Carrying a few tick removal essentials with you could reduce unwanted trip to Emerge during this pandemic. (Removing a tick the day it attaches has less consequences than finding it and removing it a few days after).
    I saw a lot out on icy trails without wearing icers! Plus a lot more garbage dumped on trails. ;(.


    1. Yes, the Wife and I were walking a trail the same day I issued this, when I realized I’d neglected to tuck my pantlegs into my socks. I figured, if I can forget … I’d better send out a reminder to all. I’ll be digging out my permethrine pants tonight.
      Good to hear from you again ML.


  2. Thanks for the reminder.


    1. Heay Johnny,
      This Covid thing is really messin’ things up eh ? Now we’ll have to wait ’til it’s over before we can get together for a chat. I’ll zap you a note tonight.
      See ya,


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