The Port Hope Fall Fair Trail Review

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The Port Hope Fall Fair Trail Review

UPDATE – Jan 9 2021 – We just returned from here and there are now rather permanent looking signs cutting the trail off at about 1/3rd it’s length claiming it to be Trinity College School private property. I’ve tried for a long time to find out whether or not that property is TCS or town, but to no avail. There’s another sign claiming it has something to do with Covid. Either way, this trail isn’t going to be of much use to anyone for awhile.

I don’t even know if this trail has an official name so we just named it after the Fall Fair as it trailheads from the town fairgrounds parking lots. Despite the fact that it’s all within the town limits, it will give you the feeling that you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Much like many other “in town” trails such as The Lakeshore Marsh TrailThe Ganaraska River TrailThe Millenium TrailThe Port Hope CA Trail and  The Monkey Mountain Trails, this one has sections which feel quite secluded. It’s a loop trail of about 2.5 kms with very level terrain and a mostly mown grass base. It isn’t a marked trail, but hardly needs to be as it’s very obvious where it tracks. This trail does border the Trinity College property (used in filming many CBC Murdoch Mysteries episodes), but just follow the map above and you’ll be fine.

Yes there are train tracks and roads nearby, but they’re shielded by trees. The meadow in the middle of the trail is remarkably silent and lousy with butterflies and wildflowers all Summer. I wouldn’t drive far to walk this one, but if you’re in Port Hope anyway, it can be added to the five trails mentioned above to provide you with yet another lovely walk about this heritage town. I’m hesitant to mention it, but this trail is one of our favourite wild raspberry foraging locations. The trail is literally lined with raspberry canes in places, and blackberries are available too.

Have a nice walk,



  1. My grandfather Samuel McLelland was born in Port Hope in 1874 and immigrated to the United States in 1916. It was written that Samuel lived in the Odgen street?/section of town with his remarried mother Jane “McLelland” Milne. Any info about this area would be appreciated…Gary S. McLelland of New Jersey, USA) and grandson of Samuel McLelland 1874-1941.Thank you.


    1. Hello Gary,
      There’s no traces of an Odgen St. in port Hope (nor ever was). The only mentions of Odgen is a town hotel, and a postmaster in nearby Darlington. However, there is a Mclellend St. just North-East of town. If you haven’t seen it yet, the link below will take you to an “Ancestry” page where others (including another grandson) have asked for info. If you hit the “previous or next” thread, or the “subject” there’s more info and even a contact address from the others. Sorry I can’t help more. Perhaps our other readers will see this, and can help further.



      1. Bushwhacker. I believe your McLelland St. is spelled with two “C’s, McClelland? The other grandson you mentioned is my brother…Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing the info.


        1. 2 “C”s in McClellend, right you are Gary, my mistake. We’ll continue to look into your Grandfather’s history as we browse our archives and if we find anything, I’ll contact you by your website. In the interim, best of luck in your search.
          Bye for now,


          1. Again, thank you…
            Gary S. McLelland


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