The Trail of Two Lakes from Old Madoc Rd. to the Banks of the Moira River (Belleville)

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The Trail of Two Lakes from Old Madoc Rd. to the Banks of the Moira River (Belleville)

This 2 km (one way) walk to the banks of the Moira can be found from Hwy 62 North from the 401 for half a km to Old Madoc Rd. Turn right on Old Madoc Rd. and drive 740 meters to where the trail crosses the road. This link will open Google Maps at the location :

Take the trail South (to your right). You’ll be on a very well maintained (for ATVs), trail. When we walked it, the base had been recently graded by something very big. This left a trail base of rather large rounded stones that could be quite the ankle busters, so watch your step. A pleasant happenstance of watching my step was the spotting of a huge and beautiful Io (pronounced  eye-oh) Giant Silk Moth larvae. Brilliant lime green, at about 2.25″ long, with those defensive tufts of stinging hairs, it caught my attention.

There’s a small pond with a surprising wildlife population of everything from birds, through amphibians, to reptiles, along the way.

It’s only 1.7 kms to Mudcat Rd. where you can cross and continue through less than 150 meters of cottage backyards before you reach a 90 meter long railway bridge over the Moira River. A spectacular bridge with an equally beautiful view.

Continuing past the bridge, you’ll see a monument and rest bench dedicated to a trail patron. About 100 meters beyond those, you’ll see a wide path to the right (not the one with two big concrete barriers blocking it, but just past that). Follow this path down to the riverbank for a lovely stroll along the riverbed of the Moira.

We spent a number of hours here, wandering about the riverbank, and the un-named, but clearly used trails just back from the river. There are no cottages on this side of the river, so you can wander about at your leisure. I’ve always had a weakness for wide, rocky, shallow riverbeds, and this spot makes a lovely place for a trail lunch.

If you want to continue heading South after this lovely diversion, you’ll find yourself walking a raised berm over the surrounding forest for another 500 meters to Homan Rd. or 2.5 kms further to Harmony Rd. The last half of which is through cultivated farmland.

The Final Take 

The trail from Old Madoc Rd. to Mudcat Rd. is obviously an ATV trail as it’s very wide and well groomed for that purpose. However, it’s only 1.7 kms and has a very active pond along it’s path. From Mudcat Rd. to the Moira riverbed sidetrail there’s that beautiful, long bridge with the picturesque views.

Of course, my favourite part was the Moira riverbed side trail down to, and along the dry riverbed of the Moira, and the trails through the bush, back from the river. The rest of the trail (either to Homan or Harmony Rds) is half through forest, and half through cultivated farmland. I’m afraid it paled in comparison, after the riverbed walk. At least for me.

Have a nice walk,



  1. William Hallam · · Reply

    Good article. My wife and I did an ATV ride from Madoc last fall as far as the bridge. Trees were in full color. As an aside, it is the Moira River, not the Trent.


    1. Thanks much William. Seems to be my week to get caught making mistakes. I’ll fix that immediately.
      Bye for now,


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