The Trans Canada Trail from Godolphin to Bannon Rds. (8 Bridges) (Campbellford) Review

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The Trans Canada Trail from Godolphin to Bannon Rds. (8 Bridges) Campbellford Review 

Godolphin Rd. to Woodview Rd. (2.3 kms one -way) 

This short stretch is very open to the sky so bring your hat as she can be a hot start to your walk. The trail wanders about so you won’t be looking at a vanishing point on the horizon. The views are a blend of rolling farmland and rolling forest with some pretty vistas of distant forested hills. There are a few spots where a stream is visible from the trail, but for the most part, it’s hidden from view by undergrowth. The two bridges are at the Eastern end just before Woodview Rd. This link will open Google Maps at where the trail crosses Woodview Rd. in the center of this stretch of trail :

Woodview Rd. to Bannon Rd. (3.3 kms one – way) 

I spotted 6 more bridges from the satellite view on this stretch.  We love old railway bridges, so despite what appeared to be a lot of cultivated land to the sides of the trail, we continued on. To our pleasant surprise, there wasn’t near as much visible farmland as I’d expected, and what we did see, was actually quite charming and picturesque.

This section of trail also wriggles about the countryside quite a bit so it’s not monotonous as the Trans Can often is. There was a nice mix of open sky and shaded canopy lengths and with all the wetlands to the sides of the trail, the bird diversity and population was impressive. There was a bit of traffic sound from Cty Rd. 35 at less than a kilometer distant (at its furthest), but it didn’t ruin the walk for me. I’m extremely intolerant of inappropriate sounds when I’m on a trail so if it didn’t bother me, you’ll be fine.

The Final Take 

The trail base was typically compacted earth with occasional chunks of slag and rubble. It’s quite clear, clean, and wide enough for two to walk side by side. This section meanders about so you’ll have lots of twists and curves to keep your interest on “what’s around the next bend ?”. The stream the trail has to bridge (8 times) also runs alongside the trail, so the wildlife spotting opportunities are plentiful. Traffic sound from Cty Rd. 35 is negligible, and the few cultivated lands you’ll pass are pretty with lotsa cows seemingly fascinated by your presence.

Have a nice walk,


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