The Rice Lake CA Trail Review

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The Rice Lake (Bewdley) CA Trail Review

It had been over thirty years since my old buddy Ranger, first showed me this place. It’s local, and rather short, so it never occurred to me to share it on this site. However, we’ve been getting a lot of visitors reading local trail reviews as of late, so this one’s for you. You’ll find it 12 kilometres North from the 401 at Port Hope. Turn right on Oak Ridges Rd. (Cty Rd 9) and go 1.8 kms to Sackville Bridge Rd. Turn left on Sackville Bridge Rd. Then, right on Cavan Rd. and drive 450 meters to the parking lot on the left. Or, click on the link below to determine your own route :

It’s a well maintained little spot for a picnic and has a 2.6 km (return) trail down to Rice Lake. Mind you, the access to the lake is about as wide as the single file width of the trail, so it’s not like you’ll be lolling on a beach or nuthin’.

The trail is interesting in that it passes through all the different ecosystems that lead down to a lake. From upland treed forest, through open meadows and grasslands, to lowland cedars and lush deciduous forest, on a rocky shoreline. As we approached the lake, I felt the breeze pick up, and could smell the water. Before I could mention it, the Wife mentioned how the forest canopy had cleared, indicating an opening ahead. She mentioned that she could smell the lake as well. I guess we’ve both still got it from our early days of bush travelling together.

I’ve only detailed the main trail which simply goes to the lake, but there are quite a few offshoot trails which are very pretty as well. Though these offshoots are clearly visible on the ground, they do leave the CA property. Normally, this wouldn’t matter much as the property hasn’t been used for decades. However, while searching for the exit of an offshoot Ranger and I walked many years ago, I saw a “For Sale” sign on the Oak Hills Rd. right about where it comes out of the bush. So, I guess there’ll be a housing development showing up sometime soon and most of those trails will be gone.

I should mention that there is a split in the trail right near the lake that leads up to Bamsey Dr. Please don’t use this entrance as a trailhead. Start and finish from the Cavan Rd parking lot. Apparently, the residents of Bamsey Dr. have had problems with parked vehicles blocking the road and have erected a sign to that effect.

Besides, the picnic opportunities at the ample free parking lot on Cavan Rd are preferable. Though there’s just the one table, the grounds are always cleanly mown, ripe for a traditional picnic sheet on the ground.

The Final Take

Though a pleasant enough CA with an easily traversed trail and lovely picnic opportunities, I wouldn’t suggest you make this the primary destination of a road trip. If you’re a nearby resident, or will be in the area anyway, then by all means, do drop in.

I described it as “a trail down to the lake”, but that doesn’t mean it’s a steep or strenuous walk at all. Some of the offshoot trails are a bit hilly, but not particularly difficult. The pictures I included are from early July, but the trail is popular in the off season as well. Finally, Rice Lake with all its amenities, and the throbbing megatropolis of Bewdley are only minutes away.

Have a nice walk,


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