Trail of Two Lakes from Sills Rd to Crookston Rd (Ivanhoe) Review

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Trail of Two Lakes from Sills Rd to Crookston Rd (Ivanhoe) Review 

Sills Rd. is about 20 kms North of the 401 out of Belleville on Hwy 62. Turn left on Sills, and drive 2.2  kms to where the trail crosses Sills Rd. Click the link below to open Google Maps at the trailhead :

The map below shows the entire trail from Sills to Crookston Rds.

Sills Rd to Hollowview Rd (2.2 kms)

This stretch is a pleasant walk through a nice mix of open sky and canopied forest. There’s a good sized bridge over a stream just before you reach Hollowview Rd.

The real thrill for us on this stretch was our first confirmed sighting of a rarely seen and threatened Blandings turtle.

Hollowview Rd to Molloy Rd (1.4 kms)

Rawdon Creek flows alongside for most of it, making for lovely photo ops from both the bridge at the South end or the creek at the North. The wetland at the South end is very picturesque and heavily populated with birds, bugs, reptiles, and amphibians. This stretch is quite straight but affords enough views to the sides that you won’t notice.

Molloy Rd to Slab Rd (1.5 kms)

This section has some limited views of water, but no large open ponds nor bridges. We spotted a painted turtle though. There was a nice blend of bright and shaded trail parts.

Slab Rd to Ray Rd (1.4 kms)

This section was a nice blend of open sky and canopied shade as well. The main draw here was the fair sized pond alive with Green and Bull frog calls. Many small fish were easily spotted as well, since the pond runs right up against the trail with no shrubbery to interfere with the view.

Ray Rd to Crookston Rd (1.8 kms)

This stretch was interesting in that it has a bridge and some picturesque views of open watered marsh. As well, it intersects the Trans Canada Trail which passes overhead via a massive train bridge, high enough for a train to pass under it (in the day).

The Final Take

These five sections of trail will provide you a total of 8.3 kms walking (one way). There are six roadway accesses if you wish to break them up. There are three bridges, a coupla small, and one fair sized pond. Also, the Trans Canada Trail intersects the most Northerly section by a very impressive railway bridge. As well, there is water of some description almost all the way along this stretch of trail. So the wildlife spotting  opportunities are excellent. Being an old rail trail, it’s wide enough for two to walk side by side of course. It’s also relative flat and clear. Also as a rail trail, it doesn’t have a lot of twists and turns, but that’s why we only walk the sections that have things of interest on them (water &/or bridges for example). There are no facilities, not even parking lots, but the roadside parking is quite sufficient.

Have a nice walk,


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