The Gut Conservation Area (Coe Hill) Review

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The Gut Conservation Area (Coe Hill) Review

This link will take you to the Google Maps location.

Otherwise, just take Cty rd 46 North from Havelock and turn right onto Lasswade rd just before 46 runs out at Hwy 504. Lasswade rd. was gravelled and easily navigated.

You’ll notice the absence of the word “trail” in the title of this review. That’s because I’d read a number of differing opinions on the subject of trails at The Gut so, the Wife and I drove up there to see for ourselves. In case you’ve never heard of it, The Gut is a narrow, deep crevice in metamorphic rock which a river squeezes through.

Though we chose to walk it, the road into the parking lot, was drivable. However the plethora of signs at the road into the parking lot at Lasswade, rivals the sign on the gates of Hell (“Abandon all hope ye who” … etc).

Anyway, we survived the walk in, and followed the trail down the hill to The Gut. There are an impressive set of stairs made of 10 X 10s or some huge timbers like that en route. Once you’re at the river, you can follow the banks in either direction for some nice pictures. There are sturdy barricades at the dangerously high spots, but you can wander hazardously close to the water, once past them if you wish. Like just about everyone who has been here, I took a video. However, with so many videos on the I’Net, I figured why add another ? Here’s a link to many you’ll find on YouTube :

So, after three hours at the wheel (round trip), I can tell you … there is no trail system at The Gut. However, you can wander along the river’s edge for a hundred meters or so in both directions, where you’ll find ample opportunity for nice photos.  If you zoom in on Google Maps satellite view, you’ll see a coupla strange trails running all over the place. These are just assumptions on Google’s part. There are no trails here. Just private roads. The trail to the gut shows it crossing the river. It does not cross the river, and the Gut itself is nowhere near where it shows on Google Maps.

We visited in late September, so the mushrooms were in full display as were the partridge and bear berries, along with wintergreen.

The geology is what caught our attention. The riverbed rocks were interesting in their erosive patterns. We could see some tiny potholes with the stones which caused the hole to form initially, still in them.

The Final Take

If you’ve never seen a gorge with a waterfall, then The Gut will be pleasing to you. Unfortunately, there’s not much else to do here once you’ve seen The Gut and the river. It’s a considerable drive from the 401, and I wouldn’t suggest a long drive to see it. But if you’re in the area anyway, it would be a reasonable diversion. There are no facilities of any kind, anywhere at this site. There’s ample free parking, and no charge for entry.



  1. Lasswade neighbour here. Just a stone’s through away, less than a mile up the road from the entrance to the Gut, is Bank Robbers Lane and the bridge over the same Crowe river where the robbers had a shoot out with the police. About $250k taken from the bank down in Havelock. The vehicle was abandoned on the lane and the men fled to be captured over the next many days from the Bush after a huge manhunt. The money was never found. It’s quite a story but not well known.


    1. Heay WOW ! I’ve heard of that ! My blogging buddy, Ranger, told me about it last Summer. I just didn’t realize we were so close to where it occurred. As our walks continue to spread North, the Wife and I are gonna have to go visit the area again … maybe find some cash ? Now that’d be a Helluva Trail Review update !Thanks for the info JLo.


  2. The old guy · · Reply

    Hi again,
    Good photos at the Gut with the Crowe River flowing through. It’s a wild sight in the spring with the river squeezing through the narrow opening. By the way, cty rd 46 runs north from Havelock, not Hastings. The Great Havelock Bank Robbery caused lots of excitement. A lady wrote a very good book about it, check on line for info. My regards to ‘ the ‘ wife.


    1. Thank you kindly, Sir. For complimenting my photography, and especially for the correction. I was working on a review of a trail to Hastings at the same time as I was writing up the The Gut review. Oh … and the Wife says “Hi”.


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