Trans Canada from Parkhill Rd. to Jackson Park (Peterborough) Trail Review

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Trans Canada from Parkhill Rd. to Jackson Park (Peterborough) Trail Review 

This two kilometer (one way) stretch of the Trans Canada Trail runs between Peterborough’s Parkhill Rd. parking lot and Peterborough’s Jackson Park. I was going to combine this stretch with the Parkhill rd. to Ackison rd. as one length. However, the two connected trails have such differing attributes, I decided to split them into two separate reviews.

This link will open Google maps at the parking lot (the lot was still under construction when the image was taken. It’s finished now) :

The weather was unstable, but we took our chances and headed off to Peterborough anyway. We got half lucky. That means we spent half our walk on the TransCan in bright, pleasant sunshine, and the other half ducking into the offshoot trails for tree cover from the downpours.  Despite the sporadic rain, we found this trail quite pleasant.

We walked the TransCan from the Parkhill Rd. parking lot to Jackson Park, then returned by the same. When we came to the bridge where Jackson Creek passes under the trail to flow alongside the trail on the North, we found a number of offshoot trails to the North side. These parallel trails run, single person width, along the side of the Creek under a canopy of trees. The views of the creek are lovely, and the sound of the water is pleasing.

About half this section of trail is typically straight as berms usually are. As you approach Jackson Park, it takes a curve. We didn’t include Jackson Park in this walk as it’s a bit too urban for us.

The Final Take

This section of the TransCan can be accessed from Peterborough’s Jackson Park, or from the Parkhill rd. parking lot. While the stretch from Parkhill Rd. to Ackinson rd. (linked above) is mostly wetland views, this direction provides an off trail walk alongside a bush stream. Though I didn’t include a review of Jackson Park, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a lovely site to wander about in. It’s an old, dignified, in town public park.

Have a nice walk,


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