The Trans Canada from Parkhill to Ackison Rd (Peterborough) Trail Review

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The Trans Canada from Parkhill to Ackison Rd (Peterborough) Trail Review

The Wife and I had just finished reviewing the Trent University Canal Nature Trails. Since it was still morning, and we were in Peterborough anyway, the Wife suggested we burn some time walking a piece of the TransCan to the West of town. I seriously doubted a review would result from it as it’s the TransCan, and it’s accessed from a suburb of a major center.

ERRRRRR ! Wrong again old guy ! Once again, the Wife hit on a winner. We loved this stretch of trail. The beauty of the TransCan is that a lot of it involves stretches of old railway berms. These berms were laid out before anyone even thought about the environment. Hence, they sometimes traverse ecosystems that would never be allowed these days, and this stretch goes right through a gorgeous wetland/marsh.

Click on the link to open Google Maps at the parking lot (the lot was still under construction when Google image was shot. It’s done now) :

There’s ample free parking at the Parkhill rd. lot (1065 Parkhill Rd). From there, take the trail at the East end of the lot down a steep, paved hill, through a deep, dark, cedar lowland to the TransCan. Take it to the left (West), crossing the bridge. You’ll pass another bridge coming in from a subdivision (Avery Ave), that has no parking at it so its not another access point.

From this point on, the trail becomes very enjoyable. Just past the Avery Ave. bridge, another bridge will give you a view of open water wetland. There are numerous accesses to a lovely stream on the left, and a huge wetland marsh on the right. We spotted many turtle nests along the trailbed. The treed left side changes to marsh as you continue going West. Despite the proximity to roads and residences, there was very little sound. In fact, I was enjoying the view so much that I didn’t even notice what little sound there was until the Wife commented on how quiet it was.

This berm has a coupla curves in it, so its not perfectly straight as most are. However, the views of the marsh will distract you enough that you’d never notice anyway.

The Final Take

It’s only 2.5 kms long (5.0 return), but it was a most pleasing little stroll. We encountered  numerous cyclists, joggers, and dog walkers. This stretch of trail is well known, and used, by locals for very good reason. There’s ample free parking at the Parkhill Rd. Trans Canada Trail parking lot. The trail was a railway berm, so it’s wide and flat. The views of wetlands on both sides are inspiring. Despite it’s proximity to suburbia, it’s remarkably quiet as well. The trail from the Parkhill rd. parking goes the other way as well, and looks promising from the satellite view. If it proves out, you’ll be seeing a review of it next. Update March 27 2019 – And here it is The Transcan from Parkhill rd. to Jackson Park. 

Have a nice walk,


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