The Doube’s Trestle (Fowler’s Corners) Trail Review

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The Doube’s Trestle (Fowler’s Corners) Trail Review

UPDATE – March 15, 2021 Just returned from here and am happy to report, the new renovations look great. The deck is now made of composite materials (already been scratched up by snowmobile traffic, of course) and there are a coupla new rest benches (one of them nerve-wrackingly close to the edge).

OK, so this one is a section of the Trans Canada Trail between Orange Corners rd. and Hwy # 7. The only reason I was going to review it, was because of the railway trestle. Ranger first took me to see it many years ago, and I wanted the Wife to see it too. My initial plan was to just walk from the Orange Corners rd. access to the trestle and back. This link will take you to the trailhead nearest Orange Corners:

There’s no provided parking lot, so you’ll just have to park on the roadside.

The morning had turned from rain to bright sunshine with a warm, strong wind out of the North. I was surprised by how the trail had changed since I saw it last. I remembered a dull stroll on a flat and featureless typical railway berm, leading to a 200 meter long, 29 meter high railway trestle with a spectacular view, making the walk worthwhile. In the time since Ranger and I walked it, the walk to the trestle has become much more appealing to the eye as well.

There is a “bridge” over the trail which I assumed was for farm equipment to get over the railroad. Whether or not that’s what it was for, we just happened to luck out and catch this :

I found myself enjoying this berm more than I expected, so when the Wife suggested we take it past the celebrated trestle to Emily Park rd. I agreed, and we carried on. We passed under another cow bridge on our way to Emily Park rd. It’s a pretty walk, but the sound of Hwy #7 gradually increases as you approach the overpass. We turned back at that point.

The Final Take

This entire trail (4.3 kms one – way), is on a flat railway berm with an impressive trestle 1.2 kms (one – way) from Orange Corners rd. If you’re lucky, you’ll see cattle walking over one of the two bridges spanning the trail (you might wanna wait ‘til they’ve cleared it before walking under them though). There’s an underpass at Hwy 7 at 3.5 kms from Orange Corners rd. Otherwise the trail is nicely wooded and quiet. If nothing else, the trestle is worth the less than 2.5 km. return walk.

Have a nice walk,


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