The Fords of Camborne, Ontario


This short post has been written from a complete Camborne Ford Family history that is now being compiled for a special four year old by the name of Chloe. It contains a few interesting facts about her grandfather Gary, great grand-fathers George, Frederick, Thomas, James and their families. As she grows up and someday becomes interested in her family history this will make it easy for her to trace her roots. As Chloe is being raised in Pickering, Ontario, without this history she will never know the village of Camborne as it was and how it grew to what it is today.

In the 1830’s William Hore, his wife Elizabeth and son William Jr. left Camborne, Cornwall, England and arrived in Cobourg where they lived for a few years before moving to Spring Mills (Camborne) Ontario. In an 1852 census record, there were eight children in the family aged four to twenty-two. By this time the Hore family had built a one and a half storey frame home, an up/down saw mill and later a larger rotary saw mill and a pail & tub factory which turned out an amazing 6,000 pails a year. This mill was located at the south east side of the Camborne bridge/dam on Mill Street, now Albert’s Alley.

In 1855 William Hore became the official owner of the land he had been developing, the Crown granted him 106 acres in the north part of lot 20, concession 4. Mr. Hore divided and sold several lots of this grant. The most notable was in 1865 to the Sons of Temperance, Cambourne Division for their new Temperance Hall which was later sold to the school trustees in 1869 which in 1895 became the present day one-room public school which still stands on that lot.

In 1866 William Hore leased to his sons Samuel and Joseph Hore 106 acres of the north half of lot 20 in the 4th concession of Hamilton Township. The two sons were to erect a grist mill on the south/east side of the mill pond. Samuel was “to receive the Grist and Saw Mill and all land and water privileges that go with it and one half an acre for the purpose of building a dwelling house across the road from the Mill. Joseph will have all the rest, residue and remainder of the demised premises.” In 1869, this lease was terminated and Mr. Hore sold both the farm and mills, keeping seven acres for himself. These seven acres were later divided into three parcels of land. Four and a half acres (Merwin Grieve); two acres (John Derkz) on the east side of County Road 18 and a half acre (Albert Emond) on the west side of County Road 18. (Wm. Hore’s home).

A Deed of Land, February 11, 1869 for $1840 conveyed 65 acres of lot #20 in the 4th concession of Hamilton Township to James Ford thus beginning the Ford history in Camborne.

An Indenture, April 1, 1870 between James Ford and his sons Richard John Ford and Thomas William Ford proclaimed that Richard was to receive one hundred acres of the south half of lot #26 in the 6th concession of Hamilton Township. This property is now the Dayman farm, Morton Road. Thomas was to receive Sixty-five acres of the north part of lot #20 in the 4th concession of Hamilton Township on Mill Street (now Albert’s Alley, Camborne.)

A Conveyance of September 10, 1883 between The Union Loan & Savings Company, Samuel Hicks of Brighton, and Thomas William Ford, of the township of Hamilton, declared that upon a mortgage default by Richard Blacklin on the eleven acre Hore Mill property and owing to the destruction of the mill by fire, Thomas William Ford agreed to purchase the said lands.


Memo of Agreement, March 23, 1901: “Upon the death of Thomas William Ford late of the township of Hamilton, farmer, deceased, died intestate and a widower on or about the 4th day of April, 1899.” His heirs Eulalia Matilda (nee Ford), wife of George Hamilton, farmer, Stella Maud Ford, spinster and George Hockley Ford, farmer and Frederick William Ford, farmer. The terms of this agreement stated that Frederick pay the heirs Eulalia and George the sum of $450 each and Stella would receive $75 and would become the proud owner of the Karn organ owned by the deceased.

A Quiet Claim Deed, April 13, 1901: Eulalia, Stella and George agreed to transfer and convey all their Estate Right Title and interests from the estate of the late Thomas William Ford to Frederick William Ford for a payment of $1275.

An Indenture: June 3, 1946 between Frederick W. Ford and his wife Mary Agnes Ford and the Municipal Corporation of the United Counties of Northumberland and Durham for $50 for one and two-tenths of an acre was to purchase the road allowance of lot #19.

An Indenture, March 29, 1947 between George Francis Ford and his wife Velma Margaret Ford and: Frederick W. Ford allowed George Ford to purchase Firstly: Lot Number Nineteen in the 4th concession – Thirty-four acres. This property is now owned by Borden & Barbara Taylor. Secondly: Part of lot number Twenty – the eleven acre Mill Property. This property is now owned by Pat & Carol Doyle. Thirdly: Part of Lot Number Twenty – the 65 acre farm property.

Quiet Claim Deed, August 13, 1954: Between Mary Agnes Ford, the lawful widow of Frederick W. Ford, who died on the 24th day of June 1954 and daughters Lorna Mary Harris, married woman and Ella Isobel Houston, married woman agreed to convey the property of Frederick W. Ford to son George Francis Ford of Camborne. Soon after the death of George Ford in 1973, after living on the family farm for sixty-four years, the farm was sold and the passing of Velma Ford in 1996 ended the Ford legacy in the village of Camborne Ontario.

Regards,   Ranger.

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