The Ranger Rants Again (Volume 3)

Here it is mid- March 2017, and again the Ranger is afflicted with spring fever! This has happened to me before, see post Spring Fever, March/2014. At the time of this writing, after two weeks of spring-like weather we are in the midst of record breaking cold that just won’t quit, yeah I am ready to let off some steam waiting for spring to arrive! The weather people are all calling for the snow storm of the year tomorrow. It has been referred to as such things as Armageddon, epic, monster, the storm to remember and a weather bomb whatever that is.

I am a bit miffed, lately I have been receiving harassing phone calls (maybe not harassing, but definitely annoying) almost every day. These calls are received at any time of the day, but the perp has been kind enough to keep them between 8 am and 9 pm. The phone rings, the line stays open for one minute but no one will answer to your repeated “hello’s”. After this happened a number of times, this got me really p’d off. At first, I dug up my old hikers whistle and blew it as hard and long as I could into the phone, no reaction. Another time I hung up and punched in *69 which is a “last/busy call return”, the operator came on the line with “unknown number”, big help! The second time I tried this, as I don’t have call display the operator came on the line and rhymed off the last call to my phone, a ten digit number. After checking with my friend Google this number appears to have originated from Avalon, Texas?

The calls continued so I tried *57 (call trace) this one may reap a reward. The operator responds “this call was traced, if you wish to take action, please hang up your phone and contact local police”. These * numbers cost $3.50 per use but may be well worth it as that phone number should appear on next month’s phone bill, can’t wait! Even if I don’t recognize this number it will give me an ‘up’ to warn the perp that I (and Bell) have her number on record. Yes, I know that it is a she as twice she has mumbled something inaudible and has used both my first and last name. Some time when you are bored, check out Google for all the amazing and crazy things that little * can do.

Oh yeah, its that time of year again, time to settle up with the Federal Revenue Agency your income tax for 2016. Being a bit old fashioned, I still prefer to do my taxes on paper, unfortunately the government discourages this and forces you to head to the local Post Office to obtain the required forms. The day I popped my return into that red mailbox near my apartment, guess what? The government income tax computer was shut down for three days. That three days should almost get my forms to Ottawa by the time their computer is back on line again. Seems there was a breach or potential flaw found in the Canada Revenue Agency computer but they will not offer a three day extension on our tax deadline. This is the second time in three years this has occurred, in 2014 several thousand SIN numbers were stolen. This rather dims my confidence in our government to look after my personal information.

That annoying TV commercial, you know the one….”Nooooobody” is still airing and Mel Lastman now has his first-born son join him in what has to be the most annoying TV ad ever! I must admit my ‘mute’ button finger is in good shape.   Parker Schnabel of the History Channel “Gold Rush” a TV reality show that follows miners who risk it all for a chance at the American dream is featured in the show’s trailers. Shouldn’t a trailer be used only for a week or two before the show being featured is aired? This ad has been aired several times a day for about eight weeks now. I swear, if I hear Parker say “I just lost my grampa and I don’t know what I’m going to do without him” once more, I am going to heave the TV and Parker over my balcony! I feel bad for ‘grampa’ but I have wisely quit watching that show…might save my sanity.

And speaking of TV, why are those pharmaceutical giants still showering us with commercials telling us to ask our doctor if we need their fine products for ailments we did not even know we had? Then they inform us of about the two hundred side effects of doing so! I think I will let my doctor tell me what I need.

The kids are all off school this week for spring break…what is this, a warm up (no pun intended) for another break (Easter). Did they not get enough time off school this winter on ‘snow days’ and PD days for the teachers?

But wait…it seems the weathermen were wrong. That wild storm did hit areas east of us, the east coast of the United States and the Niagara region west of us. We here in the ‘Banana Belt’ got off with very little snow. And yes, we did advance our clocks last week… and spring is officially only a few days away.

Okay, I will quit my ranting now and leave us all with something to smile about.














Regards, Ranger.


  1. jclucier · · Reply

    I hear you! I’ve worn the mute button out on 3 remotes in the last 2 years. There otta be a law!


    1. Hey jclucier, Thanks for your response, we always enjoy hearing from our readers. I am sure I will have even more rants next winter when I again turn into a ‘grumpy old man’ waiting for spring again!


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