Strange Things I Have Seen – Roadsign Interpretations

There’s an old woman’s joke (the joke I mean, not the women), that would come up whenever you passed one of those “Men at Work” signs. The female passengers would quip “Women don’t have to announce when we’re working”, implying  …  whatever. Anyway, now we don’t use those language signs. Apparently, being able to read has nothing to do with controlling a ton and a half of steel, with the power of two hundred horses, and the capability of speeds in excess of 150 feet/second. So, someone came up with symbols to replace words.


Obviously this one encourages slalom driving – see ? It’s so easy to understand these “NO LANGUAGE” signs


And then there’s the one I saw on the way into town recently :


I’m frankly stumped as to it’s meaning. Is it indicating a mining operation ahead? Or perhaps some executive digging his way outa the hole he dug himself into ? Maybe it’s a warning that a guy who slips alot (with a load of crap on a stick) is up the road from you. The wife suggested the horizontal positioning of the “worker” could be indicative of the amount of “work” being done by the “men ahead” (remember the old woman’s joke ? About women not needing to announce their work ? Is there any question as to why the wife would come up with that one ?). Then again, if you stare at it for a few seconds, you might even see a monster sized chameleon slapping it’s sticky tongue onto an unfortunate fellow’s …

At any rate, I miss my good old readable signs.

Kinda Like this one :




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