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I didn’t expect anything unusual when Ranger wrote “You Can’t go Back”. It was a walk down memory lane where he reminisced about his childhood in the town of Camborne. The reaction was remarkable! Though our blog’s sponsor (WordPress) doesn’t provide us with any personal data on our readers, the Stats Page does allow us to see such things as what search words &/or phrases were used to find us. We came to realize the Google search phrase “Camborne Ski Club” had caused all the activity. The historian in Ranger really hit the mark with that one. Local interest in the long gone ski club was far beyond our expectations and I encouraged Ranger to continue writing such pieces.

Running a blog is like riding an emotional roller coaster. I check our stats page on numerous occasions throughout the day. Kinda like a love-sick teenager waiting for a letter from a Summer romance, checking the mailbox every few minutes. Well, I do the same thing. I also search for explanations as to how and why anyone can find us at all, on something as huge as the I’Net. I study “Referrers, Clicks, Terms and Shares” to understand how, what we do, works. Postings like Ranger’s You Can’t go Back, are very inspirational, and useful.

Then, when we started getting international hits, I wanted to figure out the why and the how. I never did figure out our first international from England, but I did catch onto our second. We got a hit from South Africa on a posting I wrote entitled “High on the Hogsback”. It was a piece about returning to a trail called the Hogsback that Ranger and I visited decades ago. I searched and searched to determine why anyone from South Africa would be interested in a trail in Southern Ontario, Canada. Then it occurred to me to try a web search using the words Hogsback, and South Africa.  BINGO! The first page was filled with sites referring to a nudist colony in South Africa called the Hogsback.  An understandable error I suppose. Though I gotta figure if I was to look up a nudist colony … I’d pick one with a somewhat sexier name than Hogsback. But then, I don’t have insight into the mind of a horny South African teenager.

The next mystery was a strange and sudden interest in a posting originally entitled “One Damned Lucky Old Guy”. It was a description of all the different kinds of “old guys” I’ve met. It sat there for awhile, until quite recently, when it suddenly burst to life. Again, I tried a web search and found the phrase “Lucky Old Guy” to return  … yeah, MEGA-porn. I shoulda figured that one. I changed the name to reduce the “off topic” hits recorded. So, I guess I’ll just have to think harder before I name a posting that might make an I’Net surfer harder … so to speak.  I changed the title of my posting on picnicking from “Eating Out” to “Outdoor Dining” in the draft phase, for much the same reason.

Happily, I finally hit a good one with my “Lair of the Ice Dragon”. I couldn’t find any sexual references to Ice Dragons so I’m sure people really like the video ’cause it’s cool. It’s also the first time we got hits directly by links from an independent chatroom and an independent video site.  To reduce space used on our site, I’ve been uploading videos for this blog onto a free video upload site and just linking them to our postings.

Apparently, viewers of the video site are following them back to 2oldguyswalking.  That’s a much easier way to “advertise” the site than to search for, de-bark, sand, and varnish walking sticks with 2oldguyswalking tags on them.  It also serves the purpose of reducing our bandwidth usage on WordPress.  Win – win, yay for us !

I’m also constantly searching for other like-minded bloggers to bond with. I found a site called “The Outdoor Blog List” or some such thing, and my spirits rose.  It listed a whole mess of outdoor oriented blogs and I eagerly checked out dozens of them. However, unless you wanna read about pulling something outa the water with a hook in its mouth, or just blowing some unfortunate critter’s brains out, there aren’t many “outdoor” blogs out there like ours.  There’s always photo blogs, but, I got my own photos which I use myself anyway so there’s really no point I suppose.  What’s really disappointing is when I stumble across a blog that reads pretty good, and I start to feel a kindredship with the author only to check the last posting and see the date 2010.  Damn ! another blog abandoned before it’s time !  Running a blog is a patient man`s game.  Fame and fortune is fleeting under any circumstances … by any medium.

As it stands now, we’ve had over 5,000 hits from over 37 countries with the majority being Canada, USA, Japan, Russia, England, Germany, and India, in that order.  I oft-time wonder just what those people are searching for, you know ?  I mean, Japan, Russia … India !?  What the Hell ?  Oh well, I suppose Ranger and I will just keep soldiering on, writing about our less than Earth-shattering little adventures and our non Life-altering discoveries.  Insignificant we may well be, in the big scheme of things.  But heay ! We’re having a good time, and not every Old Guy can say that.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    You are one “lucky Ol’ Guy”!


  2. You got that right Bud. Good to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by.


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