Making Wildflower Bouquets

Another one of the wife’s many talents is her ability to design “natural” bouquets. It’s one thing to take a bouquet of flowers from a florist (OK, from the grocery store for half the price), and drop ’em into a vase of water, and say “Isnt that lovely”.

But it’s another thing entirely to do what we do. The truth is that it’s not very difficult, and it’s alot of fun too. As well, when all is said and done … it’s even more lovely than the Florist’s (or grocery store’s) bouquet. About this time of year,we take a morning cruise to search for, and collect, our materials. We load up at least two high sided buckets, with about 4 inches of water in the bottoms, into the trusty Honda Fit, and hit the backroad ditches.

If you look closely, you can see the beautiful flowers on the roadsides.

If you look closely, you can see the beautiful flowers on the roadsides.

You’d think it wouldn’t matter which “weeds” you collect ’cause … they’re just weeds, right? But when you’re looking for just the right weed for your bouquet, you catch yourself becoming picky and particular. A weed snob. A connoisseur of weeds, no less. You’ll end up with a coupla buckets looking like this.


Then you get a coupla watering cans that are virtually worthless as watering cans, but are nice to look at.


Care should be exercised while building the bouquets as the resident wildlife couldn’t care less if the flowers’ stems are attached to roots or not.


‘Course, you might get some stowaways from the flower collection phase. Much like the rather impressively sized (and armed), jumping spider that dropped from the sun visor into my lap. The wife marvelled at its color and size whilst I marvelled at its ability to vanish into the crotch of my shorts. I eventually managed to eject it somewhere around Oshawa.

Despite the scratches, the arachnidian assault, and the bumblebee close encounter, we made it Home, and the wife performed her usual magic.


These will be good for a week or so. Then, we can just do it again.




  1. bushwhacker's Lil Sis · · Reply

    Nicely done! Looks great!


  2. Thanks LilSis, always good to hear from you.


  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Do you deliver to Aurora????


  4. I suppose we could deliver … but the fuel would be worth exponentially more than the weeds. Thank you for the comment (and compliment).
    Bushwhacker (and the wife)


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