The Prince of Procrastination

Back on June 8 2014, Ranger claimed to be  Master Procrastinator. If so, then I am the Prince of Procrastination, the Duke of Do It Later, the Baron of By & By, the Marquis of Maybe Tomorrow, the Lord of Later On, the Tsar of Tsomeday Tsoon, the Kaiser of Kiss my Ass, I’m busy, the Emperor of Enydaynow. The thing we have in common? We’re both proud procrastinators, and we don’t apologize for it.

In fact, I can prove it’s a way of Life that works. The wife and I haul 17 rather large brugmansias up the stairs every Spring and load up the dining room and ground level bathroom. We drag them out in the mornings and back in before nightfall. We dream of a greenhouse, but haven’t the real estate for one.

Then we saw this,


and all our prayers were answered. OK, so there’s no way anyone’s God would answer my prayers, but we liked what we saw and I looked it up on the I’Net and read some rather favourable reviews. It had a price tag of $210.00 and we discussed how we’d spent a helluva lot more, for a helluva less over the years, so what the Hell?  Well, the box looked like it’d fallen off one truck and had been run over by another, so we hesitated.

The days passed, the weeks passed, then, the weekly advertising pages  …  I mean, weekly newspaper arrived, and we saw the local Home Hardware ad for the greenhouse at $50.00 off. So, off we went and made our purchase. Setting it up was more of a wrestling match than I expected, but we got ‘er up. The point is, we saved 50 bucks by waiting and thinking about it.

A much more serious matter arose just the other night. My trusty desktop pc began acting up seriously until it would only show the horrifying phrase “Operating System Missing “. I figured she was shot, so I prepped it for taking into the shop. I unplugged all the remote drives, screen, mouse, speakers, earphones, and all the other crap we plug into our computers. Then, I tried to put the side panel back on. I’d removed it a few months ago to dust out the innards, and never bothered to put it back on. It put up a terrific fight alright. I basically dropped the computer on the benchtop numerous times (I figured what the Hell ?  It was broken and gonna cost me anyway). It was the Saturday of a long weekend, so I made an excuse that it would be very busy, and I decided to take it in on the Monday ( ie procrastinating). The next day, I thought aww what the heay? I plugged the power cord and the screen back in, hit the power button, and the silly-ass thing fired up like nothing had ever happened. In fact, it ran better than it has in months. I figure I must’ve loosened a piece of dirt or dust when I was bumping it around.

That’s $50.00 avoided for a “diagnostic” and who knows how much more for whatever else they would’ve come up with, if I’d taken it in the same day it happened. As well, I didn’t have to wait two weeks for the pleasure of parting with my money. Sure, it’ll crash again someday, but maybe by then, it’ll be time for a new one or something. But I won’t overanalyze it at this time. I’ll just enjoy it. That’s how we procrastinators swing.


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