The Biggest Birdhouse in Town

It was one of those unexpected, impromptu Saturday evening events. The kind where the wife and I went out after dinner to “peruse the estate” (look over the gardens) and our neighbours just happened to be outside as well. Those of you who’ve read any of my other posts, will recall my fascination with a phenomenon where I can simply “feel” that I’m making a memory I’ll remember forever.  Well, that was one of those rare times. I harked back to the days when our previous neighbour, Diny and we would meet without plan, in the driveway and carry on from there. The difference now, is that our neighbours are the young/working people, and we are the old retired ones. The evening started when Dustin complimented the snifter I was sipping my Grand Marnier from. Then we wandered down the driveway and into their backyard where he showed us his abandoned propane BBQ. IMG_1632 Abandoned by him perhaps, but utilized every Spring by a Starling as the ultimate nesting site. The family dog would keep away any ground based predators, while being unable to present any threat herself. The BBQ is covered with a cast iron lid, so no threats from above.  A brilliant choice on the part of the starling.  Dustin told us the BBQ had been used every Spring for the last four years, and with starlings having a recorded lifespan of up to 15 years (in captivity), he can expect to be raising young birds for a few years yet to come.

So, our little corner of the neighbourhood has “The biggest birdbath in town” in our backyard, IMG_1663

and “The biggest bird nest” in his.anigif

How’d the rest of the evening go ?  Well, Ranger and I oftime reminisce about the days when we had gallonage for copious quantities of “beverages of a sociable nature”. In these discussions we tend to discount our capabilities of ever repeating those days. I’ll admit, I don’t recall much after the RC helicopter incident, but … Yeah, I still got it Babe !!



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