Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Locked Up

UPDATE FEB 17 2017 -I see this posting is still getting hits, but I also see the search terms mention galaxy S2. PLEASE NOTE these instructions are for the old 10.1 NOT the new 9.7 galaxy S2.




If you’ve found your way here because your Galaxy tab 10.1 is infected and has locked up on you, please skip the following paragraph and look below for assistance.

Dear regular readers, this posting has nothing to do with what 2oldguyswalking usually does. It’s just my attempt to help out users of devices specific to the same ones I use. I recently found the distributors of a certain computer virus have learned a new trick and my tab became infected. The virus locked up my tab and all I could do was turn it off and on. However, when I booted it back up the virus page would leap up and lock everything up again. I knew I had to open it in “safe” mode before I could do ANYTHING, but didn’t know the procedure. I went downstairs to my quadcore to look for a solution. Well, if I my problem were with a smartphone or any one of the other 300 devices that use the android operating system, I’d have been fine. However, you gotta search long and hard to find help on anything over three weeks old on the I’Net. Fortunately, I have attitude when it comes to computers. I know they’re all the same no matter how you try to make them look different &/or call them by different names. Same function, different button. Same button, different face. Same face, different location. Everything you need is there  … somewhere. Press the button. Press and hold the button. Press the button at a specific time. Press the button this way or that, while holding, or not. Given enough time, and a hint or two from a web search, I’ll eventually figure it out. I’ll “tag” this post with the appropriate terms and hopefully, help someone out. By the way.  No, you don’t have to be looking for anything you shouldn’t oughta be anymore. This one hit me while I was looking up an old College chum on Facebook.

Bye for now.




So you were innocently surfing the web on your galaxy tab 10.1 when yet another one of those damned APPS offers pops up. You hit cancel and the damned thing downloaded anyway. Cute new trick. Now the bloody machine is totally locked and won’t respond.  Fortunately, Android is a very basic program and the virus can’t hide itself like it can in a Windows environment. You can surf the Net on another machine to look for solutions, but I had a mess O’ trouble finding anything specific to my particular device – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The first thing you need do is open in “safe” mode. This is a setting that simply ignores everything you’ve ever done, and opens up as if the machine were brand new again.  This is the procedure :

Shut your tab down.

Start it up again, and when you see the swirling Samsung  graphics, hit and hold the volume button down on the decrease (left side).

Watch the bottom left side of your screen for the word “safe”.

Once that appears, you can swipe the screen to open it up.

Your desktop will be missing most of the icons you’ve gotten used to seeing and forgot weren’t there when you first fired up your tab.


Now you can address the problem.

Tap the bottom right of your screen to bring up the time, date, and settings menu.

Tap the settings bar.

The settings page will open.

Under the gray bar entitled “Device “(right above the gray bar entitled “Personal”) choose “Applications”.  It’ll open on the Downloaded apps column which is what you want.

Tap the program whose name you’ll recognize from when you tried to get rid of it in the first place.

Choose “uninstall”.  If you don’t recognize the program’s name, then just look them over.  There’s gonna be one that has a silly or suspicious name.

Shutdown your tab.

The next time you open, it’ll be fine.


August 10 /15

At this point, take an old fashioned pen and paper – write down the names of all the apps in your “Downloaded” Apps screen and save it somewhere because they’ve quit using silly or suspicious names and you can’t tell a real app from the virus.  But with the list you just wrote down, you can uninstall the one that isn’t on your hand-written list.  Of course, if you intentionally download another app, add it to your written list for next time you get the virus … which you will.

Be wary of I’Net “fixes” or apps to “clean up” your computer.  There’s more scamming downloads than there are viruses to use them on.  PLEASE ! PLEASE ! PLEASE ! DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING ELSE TO REMOVE THE THREAT !! You don`t need anything else.  It`ll just be more malware anyway.




So, I hope this helps somebody, somewhere.  If it does, please drop me a comment, or if you got a better idea than I’ve written here, also, please let me know.

Bye for now,



June 1/15

OK so I just had a major problem which was locking me up and slowly, steadily stopping all my programs (apps) one by one.  So I said screw it !  I’m taking her for a trip back in time to day ONE.  Yeah, I lost all my stuff, but really ?  I only used ~ 7% of the crap I had in there anyway (and likely, so do you).  Again, I tried to look up my specific device but all anyone talked about was a “privacy” button and … THERE’S NO F$#@ING PRIVACY BUTTON on my device.  So here’s what I did :

– hit the bottom right-hand corner

– hit “settings” – under “personal” heading hit “backup and reset”

– UNCHECK all the “backup my apps files etc etc etc” as that’s where your problem is in the first place.

– hit “factory data reset” and just do what it says from there on. You’ll have to reload all your icons and such, but that’s a good  excuse to remind yourself how to handle android and your machine again.

If you got some very important files on the tab then just copy them onto a stick before doing this.  Also, you’d do well to write down all your passwords and such (if you haven’t already … which you should every time you use one).

All the websites (which didn’t help me much anyway) talked about taking ‘er back to factory settings was a “last resort” as though I was unleashing the four horsemen of the frickin’  apocalypse on humanity.  It’s no big deal and it takes 2 minutes to do, and maybe 1/2 an hour to reset your desktop and stuff.

It’s probably just as well you do that from time to time anyway.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thank you! Worked like a charm.


  2. And my thanks to you for leaving a comment. It’s good to know this post has helped someone.


  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thank you very much! Worked for me as well!


  4. Comments are the only way I can be sure I helped someone out, and I like to help out. Thanks for telling me so.



  5. Thank you for posting this fix back in 2015. Its now June 2016. I had looked high and low for a cure and was offered a number of “fixes” which told me that only professionals could do. I was thrilled you had an answer. My only addition to your comment was rather than going back to day one, I tried this in addition to your suggestions while I was in Safe Mode…I went through my apps like you suggested but couldn’t find a suspicious one. I thought that the virus had attached itself to one of the apps I had downloaded and would probably have hidden there and so I uninstalled ALL of these…it worked! Problem solved! I’m very appreciative of people posting these fixes. Thank you again!


  6. You’re quite welcome Kelly. I never (intentionally) download anything to my tab, so I hadn’t even thought of suggesting what you did. Thanks for the “follow” too. Though I should warn you that this one posting is the only “tech” problem solver we’ve published. Otherwise, we’re just 2 old guys walking.


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