Trout Ponds to Millbrook (Baxter’s Creek) Trail Review‏

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Trout Ponds to Millbrook (Baxter’s Creek) Trail Review

UPDATE – March 10, 2022 – Well, the industriousness of the Baxter Creek beavers has resulted in the closure of part of this trail. You can still take it from the Trout Ponds to the fairgrounds though. She’s flooded out REAL good. We’ll keep an eye on it and let you know when the trail to the park is open again. In the interim, you can still enjoy the walk to the fairgrounds. It’s just a bit shorter, that’s all.


In my Trout Ponds Trails Review, I mentioned I would review a continuation of those trails heading North (Baxter’s Creek Trail). Well, this is it. I recommend you start from the Trout Ponds as, from that direction, you can make a sorta loop trail out of it (total distance ~ 5 km). By sorta I mean you’ll only walk half of the same trail twice, and there’s a bit of street walking through town to be done.  However, by the time you’ve gone that far, you could always go to lunch in town or take it with you to the park for a picnic before heading back.

A preferred picnic spot for the Wife and I

You can leave your car at the Trout Ponds parking lot.  Drive North on County Rd 10 from Port Hope to the Zion Line (aka the 4th Line – hence the 4th Line Theater’s name).  Turn Left on Zion Line and drive a short way ‘til you see the sign for the 4thLine theater on the left, then just drive a few meters past it to the sign on the left stating “Millbrook Provincial Fishing and Recreation Area”.  Click on the link below to open Google Maps at the parking entrance :

In the snowy off-season, the gates might be closed.  If they are, and you can’t pull up in front of them, BE VERY CAREFUL about parking on the roadside.  There’s a wide paved spot near the bridge just past the entrance (on the North side of the 4th Line) you can use.  Otherwise, the pavement on the roadside drops abruptly, and deeply, into the shoulder and you WILL require a tow-truck to get back out (voice of experience speaking here). Snow cover will make the paved road and the shoulder appear to be level … they are NOT.

My recommended trail is the one in deep blue

My recommended trail is the one in deep blue

Walk back out to the road, turn left and look to your right as you walk West. Before the bridge, you’ll see a trail heading North. It’ll merge with Baxter Creek which the bridge goes over.  It follows the creek all the way to Millbrook. In the wet seasons it can be a bit sloppy at the start until it merges with the creek.  The trail is level and easily traversed as it runs alongside the creek.

This is the point where you can begin the loop by following the trail left, to the Fairgrounds.  Otherwise, you can continue to the right and walk to Millbrook Park and return by the same route.

However, there’s a short but fairly steep hill to get up there, but not so steep that you can’t take a breather partway up.  Actually, we usually stop to admire the huge trees on this section of the trail anyway.  After you emerge from the trail, Main St will be to your left. Take that to, and turn right on, Frederick St. Walk Frederick St and turn left on Anne St. Follow Anne to the dam crossing in the picture below.

New access over the dam

View from the dam

Once you’re over the dam, just follow the river’s edge Southward and the trail will be obvious.  The trail is a gradual incline for awhile, but it’s nothing serious (lotsa cedar roots, so watch your step).  There’s a comfortable bench at the end though, if you want a rest.

Yes, the “N” on the post is backward. But then, so is the “M”.

If you go left from the bench, you’ll be continuing to climb up Medd’s Mountain which will lead back to the park beside the pond.  If you go right, you’ll continue downhill to the loop of the Baxter’s Creek trail returning to the Trout Ponds.

UPDATE – November 12, 2018 – Millbrook has begun to make available, an extension of it’s trail system from the North side of town. It continues to follow the path of an old railway berm. You can access the South end from “The Station” which is on Cty Rd. 22 (King St. W) directly across from Lisa Court. There’s a small parking lot beside a bunch of community mailboxes, and a natural spring outlet. The trail heads North into a small bushland. It’s well marked, and comes out on Cty Rd. 10 right across from Buckland Dr. We followed the berm up Buckland Dr. and saw orange tape on a few trees continuing North – East. So it might be continuing further. However, at present, it ends at Cty Rd. 10. It’s obviously an “in – town” trail, but I wanted to mention it just to be thorough as, it is part of Millbrook’ s trail system, which I suspect will continue past Cty Rd. 10 someday. 

The Final Take

The Baxter’s Creek trail is, with 2 mild exceptions, flat and easy walking.  The view of the creek is constantly at your side and is very appealing to the eye.  There are ample rest benches, dozens of boardwalks and bridges over a wide variety of vegetative zones, wetlands and outright open water.  “Looping” the trail requires some through-town walking.  The Millbrook park beside the pond and dam is an excellent picnic spot and is conveniently situated at the half-way mark of the loop.


BTW – Here’s a .GIF of how this trail looks in the Summer months :

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