Christmas Past and Present

Christmas Past:

Last Christmas, my son and daughter-in-law presented me (and other family members) with a rather special request.  They wanted everyone to share a special thought of their special first child Ethan who unfortunately did not survive birth.

I hope they don’t mind me reprinting it here.

“But should the Angels call for him

much sooner than we’ve planned,

We’ll brave the bitter grief that comes

and try to understand”

I came upon this little verse almost a year ago, and though it helps a lot, I’m sure your mom and dad will need a lot more time to really understand.  You would have loved your mom and dad…they would have been the best parents you could ever have had.

Your Grandparents Dot & Wendy and Susan were so thrilled at the thought of a Grandson’s arrival!  But I cannot imagine anyone more excited than your Grandpa.  One very close friend of mine who knows me better than most said that “you will be the best Grandpa ever” and I know she was right!

I like to think of us doing one of my favorite things like hiking.  Your mom once told me that we could hike at her cottage.  When I thought that would be a few years away, she said “no it won’t…we would put you in a stroller and away we would go!”

When your dad & mom asked me to send a thought of you to be shared on what would have been the best Christmas ever (to be shared by those who love you the most), this is what came to mind.

There have been so many things that came to mind when I think of you, I refuse to be sad!  I will always think of the wonderful things that would have been and of course, you will never be forgotten.

Love forever, Grandpa.


Christmas Present:

Chloe, even though you are only six months old, this will be the best Christmas ever!  I just know that your mom & dad, grandmothers, and lots of other relatives and of course Grandpa, will all be there to spoil you crazy with love, attention and yes…gifts.  I must admit that you are driving Grandpa crazy trying to think what to buy a young lady like you…you are my first granddaughter.  I am used to buying gifts for little boys…your dad and uncle Dave.  I know that in a few short years you will be only too happy to suggest gift ideas.  I have always thought that Christmas was mostly for kids and this one is for you!

Merry Christmas Chloe,  from Grandpa Ranger (and Big Brother Ethan in Heaven).


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  1. bushwasher's Lil Sis · · Reply

    Ranger, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I’m sorry to read about Ethan. Delighted to know all is well with Chloe. Be safe, be happy, and may Christmas day find you surrounded with love and laughter. Merry Christmas!


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