Why do things in this life happen as they do?  I’m not talking about the annoying little things that we all experience now and then like that peanut butter and jelly sandwich that we drop…the messy side always hits the floor!  Or that spoon of hot soup that makes it almost to the mouth before spilling!  And how about that trip to the kitchen and forgetting why you went there!  How about the fact that there is never a cop around when you want one?  But when you don’t want one…there it is, those unexpected flashing lights in your rear view mirror!  Maybe if one of our readers would email this blog site, the Bushwhacker could be convinced to exhibit his great sense of humor and give us all a chuckle on this subject?

I’m talking about things that only seem to happen to me. Like that family get together last week at a very nice eatery for my eldest sister’s 75th birthday celebration.

The waitress is taking our meal choices and being the Ranger’s family, there is a rather large group of us. She was taking orders for both sides of the table from one side and as she headed for the kitchen, I realized she did not get my fish & chip and coffee order. After tackling her half way to the kitchen, I finally got her attention!  Like so many other things in life, it is like I am invisible.  Wonder why it is that they never fail to notice me when it’s time to pay the bill and expect a nice tip!  I did have a tip for that young lady…”Buy Gold!”

And how come Bell charges me $2.80 for Touch-Tone service.  Do not all the phones in the last decade or more come with this feature?  Do they think that I am still using that old battery powered crank phone that hangs on my wall as a decoration?  And how dare they have the gall to charge me a $2 monthly fee for monthly paper bills?  Then to rub salt into that wound and really tic me off, they send me monthly (paper) advertisements…maybe I should charge them a fee for this!  Wish me luck on that one!

Another how come, is that with the festive season approaching next month (No, not my birthday, it’s this month…cash gifts gratefully accepted), I seem to get many parcels in the mail.  This unusual rite started about four years ago.  The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists sent me a parcel of beautifully painted Christmas cards, a lovely small monthly calendar and note paper.  Well, as it was for a good cause, I duly remitted the $29.99.  The next year it happened again, but I did not send a check and a couple of months later I received a reminder, so I eventually again sent out a cheque.  Last year I ignored them completely and they must have taken it personally.  It appears that they sold my mailing address to The Sunnybrook Foundation, The Canadian Cancer Foundation, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The Covenant Home for Homeless Youth, The Heart and Stroke Foundation, The Alzheimer’s Society and even The Canadian Wildlife Foundation!  To the latter, thank you so much for the beautiful calendar!   All of these organizations send you Christmas cards, personal address labels, stationary, calendars and one even sends you Christmas wrapping paper!

Don’t get me wrong, these are all very good organizations and their offerings are all quality products (and I might need their services someday).  The trouble here is that they all want a monthly deduction from my credit card for at least a year!  It turns out that even if I mailed (nobody does this anymore!) all those Christmas cards at a dollar a stamp I’d be nearly broke!   Maybe in lieu of a donation, these good folks will accept the mention of their cause in this blog as good publicity for them.

Regards, Ranger.


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