Compliments of 2 Old Guys Walking

Last Summer, I got an idea which was actually spawned by a passage from my wilderness-travelling/literary hero, Grey Owl, in his classic book “Tales of an Empty Cabin”.  He carved a paddle and left it on a trail with a chieftain’s symbol on it, knowing it would find its way to his friend.  I thought it would be fun to search out some great walking sticks and leave them at trailheads with this weblog address on them. I made up tags labelled, “Compliments of  www.2oldguyswalking.wordpress” to stick on them. Not wishing to spread parasites by transporting wood, we collected fallen branches from the same trail we’d return them to.  I took them Home to scrape off the bark, clean them up, and just generally make good walking sticks out of them.

Despite the efforts of the ice storm, there were few good walking sticks available.  As well, the fresh wood made them heavy and cumbersome to use.  So, we hit the beaches and gathered up driftwood.  No parasites in them, lightweight, and they accept varnish quite readily, making a nice shiney walking stick.  The problem being, they were so nice I couldn’t just leave them on any old trail.

So they’re still in the umbrella stand at the front door.  I keep thinking I’ll take them with us when we go to Peter’s Woods but always seem to forget.  Now the wife says with Winter coming, I might as well wait ‘til next Spring.  However, I figure most of us do our walking in the Fall, so, I don’t know.  I’ll have think about it.

Mind you, we did manage to deliver about half a dozen to local trailheads and I wonder if anyone reading this … is reading this, because of one of those walking sticks.  If that’s the case, leave us a comment telling us which trail you found it on would you please ?  I’d like to know whether to keep doing it, or just keep the 2 remaining sticks for Ranger and I.

Thanks all,



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