Sugar and Spice

June 29, 2014 at 3:05 am it happened, and is destined to change my life forever!  A beautiful little Granddaughter arrived into this world at a healthy nine pounds, two ounces and has been named Chloe.

This young lady is the pride and joy of her parents Mark & Melodie,  Grandmothers:  Wendy, Dot and Susan,  two uncles and a whole lot of extended family.

I suspect that as her only grandfather, it is hard to imagine that anyone could be happier and more proud of this little bundle of joy than the Ranger.  This story started very sadly about a year ago when the first grandchild Ethan arrived but did not survive the birth.  That event was a heartbreaker for mom & dad and all the family.

Grampa is so proud of mom & dad for having the courage to carry on and try again.  The loss of the first child has made the parents a lot stronger and made us all even more appreciative of Chloe.

When notified by phone at 5 am, June 29, I could hear the baby in the background discovering that she had lungs and that was the sweetest sound I have ever heard!

After waiting impatiently for a few days to let mom recover and hopefully catch up on her sleep… hate to tell you Mel…it will be a while before this will happen, I decided to invite myself to their home to meet the new arrival.

The first time I saw that precious little angel, I knew that she would own my heart forever!  I will never forget putting my finger on her little hand and the longest fingers I have ever seen on a baby grasped that finger like we were already best friends!

After getting about two dozen pictures, I raced home to get them developed as I was having a reunion lunch with some former co-workers a day later…and had strict orders not to show up without pics!

I had really big plans to make this a really long posting full of my feelings and lots of pictures.  But on reflection I find that it is best to keep it short and to forgo any pictures.  This blog will get my feelings known to my friends, and will preserve the privacy of the family and especially Chloe.

Regards, a happy & proud Ranger.


  1. One of the advantages of having administrator’s rights. I get to be the first to say …
    Congratulations old chum.



  2. meeka · · Reply

    A big congratulations to you!! It is an awesome adventure to be starting, at any point in life 🙂 Here’s to exploring with one more wonderful person (in a few years!)


  3. bushwasher's Lil Sis · · Reply

    Congratulations Ranger! So very happy for you and Chloe’s parents.


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