Ranger Rants (part one)

What?  The hell you say!!  An impending coffee shortage you say?  Well, of course it must be true,  I have just seen it on the National News.

Remember the last coffee shortage a few years ago,  we were all looking for substitutes and ways of conserving what we used.  Chicory, grain and dandelion were all mentioned and these were likely all used by our fore-fathers back in the dark ages.  The big coffee companies blamed a crop killing frost for that one.  Knowing they can only use frost so many times before us sheep start looking at our masters and questioning them about it…they have come up with this new one!  Hang on to your hats kids, they now want us to believe this one…Crop Rust!  OK, so maybe it is true, other crops such as grain, corn and oats have suffered this malady.  Seems it must be serious as the U.S. government is opening the purse strings and offering billions of dollars to help the big coffee companies and researchers to come up with a solution!  Only American companies were offered this bonanza of cash, but us Canadian’s, we  should not feel  bad, I don’t think we have any coffee companies (all American owned) and besides we pay thirty percent more as usual at the supermarket and more now for the coffee cure.  I’m sure they will find a cure but I’m also sure they will forget to lower the prices back to pre-rust days!  Gawd, I need a moment here to go brew a cup of Java to calm me down!

Speaking of rip-offs, what is with gasoline prices this summer!?  Canada is rich in oil resources (don’t get me going on the Alberta oil sands) and again according to the National News, we are selling it on the International market at discount prices.  We Canadian sheep are supplying the world with cheap oil products while suffering a so-called shortage here at home and thus paying artificially high prices at the pump!  Okay you say, how can I honestly tell you all this?  Hey, no person can argue this with me because there does not seem to be anyone in the world (other than oil executives) who can figure out the oil price structure.  I’m no expert on oil but it seems to me that we should be using our precious oil resources and refining it here in Canada as a ‘value-added’ product instead of ‘pipe lining’ it across our gas starved country to line the pockets of China, oil executives and stock holders.

Now that I have had my daily Cup of Java, feel like jumping into the Hummer and driving the fifty miles to the nearest French fry truck!

And on automobiles, what’s with America’s  largest and most profitable auto company being sued by the U.S. government for thirty million dollars for a number of safety issues?  Hey, these are life threatening items that have already killed several motorists and have been known to the company for many years.  You ( and I) could have just filled up the tank, stopped at the market for a pound of coffee and are headed for the French fry truck for a burger.  All of a sudden the weight of all those keys in the ignition switch cause the engine to suddenly die at ninety miles an hour on the highway!  So what if we lose steering, brakes and most importantly air conditioning.  The good news here is that the air bag should go off!  The next  good news here is that this auto company has been fined thirty million dollars, which is exactly one day’s production cost!  Of course the company will just pass this cost back to us on our next car purchase.

Cheers, Ranger.

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