While writing for a blog like this is ultimately enjoyable, it requires some effort and time.  Trying to ensure accurate facts, balanced with humour, and striving to provoke thought, while still providing an interesting read, is challenging.  We often discuss what we want this blog to be.  What we want it to reflect, and say about us.

Our goals are manyfold.  We write for personal achievement and satisfaction.  We write to document that which we know, and that which we’ve learned.  We write to preserve memories.  Not just our own, but of those people and places we’ve experienced, who and which will someday no longer be.

‘Course, a few laughs never hurt anyone either.  We may be a few years on from the days of coloured hair (lots of coloured hair), but we remember how to laugh and have fun.  It just hurts a little later into the next day than it used to, that’s all.  We write about fun, to share it with you.

Researching data for our postings is as educationally rewarding for us as we hope it is for you.  We make every effort to provide the most accurate information possible, cross-checked from as many reliable sources as are available to us.  Of course, the most reliable data is that provided by personal experiences.  However, with limited resources, that’s not always forthcoming.

Web logging is many things to many people, but the common denominator seems to be a desire to share with other like-minded people.  So, we have reached 1,000 hits from an indeterminable number of readers.  We know we have seven followers, some from across town, and some from as far away as England and Thailand.  Our question is :

Why ?

Our relationship is symbiotic.  We write because you read.  You read because ____________  ?

We just lit a bonfire on the beach, and you came and sat down with us.  You could’ve stood up and walked away, but you didn’t.  On this celebratory occasion, will you take a moment to leave a comment telling us why ?  We enjoy your company, it’s always our pleasure.


2 Old Guys Walking



  1. John Iafrate · · Reply

    Congratulations on your 1000 hits!
    Best way to relax is spending 10 minutes reading your blogs. I learn, I laugh and yes, sometimes I tear up.
    Keep it up boys.


  2. Bushwacker's LilSis · · Reply

    Why do I read your blog? Well at first it was because you are my brother and it’s my job as your kid sister to harass you. Seriously though…Ranger’s and your adventures have helped keep me entertained during a serious health issue. I basically lived through your blog…walked along side you (in my mind) on your hikes and had a good laugh too when the two of you did something outrageous. I am slowly recovering and once my strength/stamina return I hope to enjoy a celebratory hike with you, my sister-in-law and Ranger. 🙂


  3. You stopped in, and i listened … as you plyed an awesome idea to the universe … Glad to have been at it’s inception and to read of your adventures as often as I do … Never stop writing! 🙂


  4. Since there doesn’t really seem to be a time limit on this, I’ll go ahead and revive this one to leave a comment. I read because you 2 old guys write about stuff that interests me, in a very conversational fashion, that entertains and educates without being annoying or preachy. That’s pretty rare! Also, on top of that, I just feel like you’re a couple of guys that I could easily get along with (argh, I feel like I should rewrite that as “… guys with whom I could easily get along” or something, but I never know if I’m getting who/whom correct, and that type of construction just seems so stilted).

    Short version: your stuff is interesting and funny, and you seem like cool dudes.


    1. A perfect response Bill. Thank you Sir. That makes all the work we’ve put into this blog, worthwhile. Despite our easy-going attitude, we take our commitment to this weblog very seriously. We’re certainly not the biggest blog on the web, and we don’t wannabe. We just want to provide some interesting facts, a bit of fun, and share a few experiences with like-minded people … like you,
      Bye for now,


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