Well, here it is a Tuesday and after a week with most of the snow melted away and temperatures near twenty degrees!  Tomorrow, being Wednesday, the weatherman is calling for temps around -2 and the possibility of freezing rain, snow and a generally crappy day.  The only reason I mention this is that in about three years the Bushwhacker and Ranger have only missed our Wednesday ‘Tacoma’ cruise of side-roads and No Exit trails twice that I can remember.  The first was a Christmas Day and the most recent was last week, when the Bushwhacker decided to have a root canal procedure.

Never having had this malady, my own teeth are plastic and have no roots, I decided to see what I was missing by checking out the procedure on the Internet.  Well, I only got as far as “the discomfort experienced  in the period leading up to the deed is worse than the procedure itself”!  I may have made mention in an earlier blog that my fear at the sight of blood  (surprisingly other people’s, more than  my own) is as frightening as public speaking,  swimming with sharks, heights, and things that go around and around, railway bridges and railway wigwags!  The latter happened last week but is another story for another time, Bushwhacker, you seem to have more gray hair every time I write a blog lately!  Well, needless to say, I passed on the video’s of root canals.  From the way Bushwhacker talks about it, I have visions of impact drivers, chainsaws, diamond-grit sandpaper, hydraulic pinchers and three-foot long flexible drill bits. Maybe he exaggerates a bit?

Once years ago I was helping  a ‘ legally’ blind friend (he had very limited sight and only very close up) perform a brake job on his camper bus and no, he didn’t ever drive it, he had it for friends to drive him and his family around.  Anyway, a slip of a wrench and he badly cut his wrist.

Well, the next few minutes are still a blur…wailing sirens and flashing red lights and a guy was thrown into the ambulance.  Upon reaching the hospital in Cobourg and in a bit of a fog, I heard voices saying “what the hell is going on here?  There is nothing wrong with this patient!”  You guessed it, I had passed out and the ambulance had to make the second trip for Ron who was treated and released.

I have had a couple of other operations since, but the worst was the dreaded colonoscopy that can still scare the hell out me and almost everyone else that I know!  I told my doctor back then, that I would rather die than go through that particular procedure again!   I recall vividly, lying on a bed in the hospital watching a small TV screen and wondering why they would play a medical program for a patient to watch.  After a few minutes, it dawned on me… that was my own flesh and blood roiling around on that screen!  As they pumped me full of air and being warned repeatedly not to ‘expel’ it until being told to, I got through it alive.  Well, as is my bad habit (and never recommended) I rested in the recovery room for a few minutes and got bored, dressed and headed for home.  I don’t think that I have ever been officially released from an operation in a hospital by my doctor!  Things were going well until passing over the railway overpass on the way to Port Hope.  Oh my gawd!  I have an overpowering urge to fart!

All I can say here is that it was a good thing that I was driving my Chevy Tracker and had the sunroof wide open!  Any other vehicle would have a large dent in the roof as even the seatbelt could not have saved me from nearly experiencing what a test pilot feels in an ejection seat!  What do you mean…they can now put you under for this procedure?!

Regards, Ranger.

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  1. Bushwacker's LilSis · · Reply

    OMG Ranger…you’re a riot! I think my next ‘fun’ medical procedure will be a colonoscopy. After reading this blog, I’ll have the medical staff wondering what I am laughing about as they ‘put me under’.


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